Cryptfunder is a crystocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain set by the smart contract it provides support for most financial transactions. Blockchain Ethereum provides powerful functionality that enables efficient operation of Cryptfunder as cryptocurrency
Cryptfunder strongly believes that blockchain technology can affect the cryptocurrency community in many positive aspects. Smart contracts will play an important role in the market by introducing confidence and transparency
Cryptfunder is committed to fueling the progress and development of newer and better technologies. goal is to generate value for our token holders by providing ICOs with the means and opportunity to succeed via Cryptfunders decentralized funding source. It is truly “Cryptocurrency Funding of the Community and for the Community
And for more details about Cryptfunder can see this video sourced from the website
  • About token and ICO Cryptfunder
  • ☑️ Token Total Supply :40,000,000 tokens
    ☑️ Token ICO Supply : 20,000,000 tokens
    ☑️ Token Symbol :CFND
    ☑️ Initial Token Value :0.003 ethereum per token
☑️ ICO Start Date :25 May, 2018, 9:00 pm UTC
☑️ Duration of ICO : 45 Days, Ending: 8 July, 2018, 9:00 pm UTC
☑️ Rounds : 1 Round, 4 Bonus Stages, 1 Regular Stage
☑️ Softcap : 6000 ethereum
☑️ Hardcap : 60000 ethereum
☑️ Methods of Token Purchase :Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)
The Cryptfunder token (CFND) is a decentralized cryptocurrency token used to fund startup ICOs, cryptocurrency companies or other related industries achieve their funding requirements for their needed infrastructure. Alternatively, Cryptfunder will help a post-ICO token in other areas such as marketing, security, launching a new product or and other technology or activity that the established ICO may be needing
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