CRYPTFUNDER – Decentralized Funding Source for Cryptocurrency Communities, ICO Startups, and Blockch

We are a decentralized funding source for cryptocurrency communities, startup ICOs and other blockchain companies. Cryptfunder will filter out the best fintech candidates who deploy expert analysts to identify the project with the greatest potential. These annoying startups will be selected based on their potential market value, the quality of their team and the real-world applications of their technology.
Select the most disruptive technological candidate from a group of online applicants for funding. Filter and filter the best of the best for Cryptfunder to start funding.
Receive a pre-sale volume of discounted ICO tokens that are discounted from month to month and year to year. Collect tokens directly into Cryptfunder holdings, offer support and value to our tokens (symbol: CFND) and our token holder.
Establish and maintain the Cryptfunder CF30 portfolio of 30 best tokens on the market today, representing stability and growth in a balanced methodology.
Find inspiring and disruptive ICO startups including blockchain companies in various stages of development. Target startups and other companies that break established prints and thus present opportunities to achieve stratospheric results for Cryptfunder and its token holder.
Allows participants to easily deploy online through a comprehensive multi-part application process, secure data entry and upload capabilities, and store and restore functionality. Streamline the funding application process through the Cryptfunder application portal and other modules.
Fund startup and other companies to the level of funding they need that enable them to reach their maximum potential success without being hampered by the lack of proper funding. Excess funding will help to gain support and freedom from technology ‘movements’ so as to ensure that any company funded by Cryptfunder has increased the chances for great success.
Preserve value is a Cryptfunder spell and its product. We will evaluate and conduct thorough research and critical analysis on our tokens and balance our company’s token portfolio that is backed up at all times.
Increase our value through the Cryptfunder CF30 token portfolio asset. The top, middle and low tier tokens will represent a deep intrinsic value for Cryptfunder and its token holder. Professionally managed and utilizing the best and professional expert ICO investment manager, CF30 will grow and excel all the time.

The potential in the ICO market is MASSIVE and only increases in the near future. CRYPTFUNDER will take advantage of the lucrative opportunities that present themselves in the form of a troublesome ICO startup now and in the future.
Security will be researched, analyzed and mitigated using standard and time-tested techniques, together with our own security methods. Security is an important concern from pre-ICO to post-ICO along with our responsibility to maintain the security of our client’s data.
Our funding for startup and blockchain companies that are worthy and annoying not only benefits Cryptfunder and its token holder but also for cryptocommunity as a whole. Provide adequate and necessary funding for viable projects to gain light, build a reputation inside and outside for startup blockchain.
Being able to receive large amounts of high discounts, in many cases a pre-ICO token is a benefit that has been built by Cryptfunder. This substantial foundation will serve to secure future Cryptfunders and holders of our token holders as we progress in the post-ICO environment.
The CF30 token portfolio will provide a stable and growing segment to our stable platform for building our future success. Cryptfunder CF30 will start, rebalancing as needed and continue to hold these token assets and provide portfolio transparency to our token holders at all times.
ICO Information
Official Website & ICO Launch: Cryptfunder Website
Official Bounty Thread: Cryptfunder Bounty
  • ICO Launches: May 25th, 2018 9pm UTC
  • ICO Duration: 45 days, Ending July 8th, 2018 9pm UTC
  • Bonuses: 1 round and 4 bonus stages
  • Softcap: $2M
  • Hardcap: $40M or Max Tokens Sold
  • Token Total Supply: 40,000,000
  • Token ICO Supply: 20,000,000
  • Token Symbol: CFND
  • Token Value: Pegged to Ethereum, 0.003 Eth per token (ie: 1 token=.003 eth)
  • Equivalent Value: 1 Ethereum = 333.33 tokens (without bonuses)
  • Token Purchase: Ethereum (eth) / Bitcoin (btc).

September 2017
Complete the research, development and implementation of the Cryptfunder concept, smart contracts, purses and token genes.
October 2017
Finalization of team, legal examination, finalization of structure, contract and signing of NDA is completed and submitted.
December 2017
Initial marketing concept, white paper, one pager, roadmap and finalization of other documentation.
January 2018
Design front-end UI / UX website and start from phase I backend website, 2FA, captcha and security protocol.
February 2018
Enhance website frontend and phase I of the backend. Marketing programs, promotions, contests, and prizes.
March 2018
Phase II starts to backend the website. The application submission module begins. Translation and other documentation.
April 2018
All registered coin schedule sites, articles, videos, bounties and other marketing methods apply. Starting from the initial exchange.
May 2018
Bonus period 1 starts and ICO LAUNCH May 25th at 9 pm UTC All DDOS servers and on-site security and checks are done.
July 2018
End of successful ICO launch, post-ICO organization, post-ICO security, documentation & initial acceptance of applications.
August 2018
1st startup ICO successfully negotiated, rescued, established milestone and funding applied for token exchange.
September 2018
Cryptfunder token CFND listed on the first exchange. UI / UX upgrades on frontend & backend. Token Price = $ 5.00.
October 2018
Sustainable marketing, profit sharing, and partnership opportunities are forged. CFND on second exchange list.
November 2018
The listing of third exchanges for CFND. Improvement and further refinement to the front and rear. Token Price = $ 15.00
December 2018
25+ initial ICO project funded. ICO Tokens collect more than 2.5 million. Price token CFND = $ 20.00.
January 2019
Further partnerships are forged. Listed to a total of 5 major exchanges. The CF30 token portfolio reaches over $ 20 million.
June 2019
Cryptfunder portfolio of token CF30 reaches $ 80 million + in valuation. Price token CFND = $ 55.00.
September 2019
Cryptfunder portfolio of token CF30 reaches $ 160M + in valuation. Exchange token completed, major & minor exchange registered.
December 2019
CRYPTFUNDER CF30 token portfolio reaches $ 320M + in the rating. The token price is over $ 100.00
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