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Is that change?
Change is a crypto bank that offers a variety of financial services, including bank cards, global investment opportunities, cryptocurrency, insurance, and more.

What is a change wallet?
Change Wallet is a multi-asset blockchain wallet that supports more and more cryptocurrency. Users can send and receive cryptocurrency and pay for products and services.

How does the change wallet work?
This wallet is made smoothly when logging in with changes. Users can access their wallets through the smart phone application. Payments and investments can be made easily through the application by entering the recipient’s address or by using a QR code. The Cryptocurrency balance can be checked similar to the Mobile Bank Application.

Is my fund safe?
Change wallet is guaranteed by applying the highest industry standards. Funds are guaranteed by a combination of hot and cold storage. Changing the user’s wallet continues to be protected by a multi-signature solution (P2SH) that provides high security and HD features that provide extra privacy.

How do I manage my account?
Setting up an account with changes quickly and easily. Simply download the application, enter the required details and your account will be prepared with the Blockchain wallet. How do I transfer cryptocurrency to my change account? When creating an account with changes, each user receives a wallet address. If the user has assets in another wallet, he can easily transfer them to the new wallet using the address provided by the change.
WHO WE ARE –   Global Crypto Bank is established under Swiss jurisdiction – the most appropriate country for cryptothermal and personal capital and solving their problems. GLOBAL CRYPTO BANK   We are a modern and innovative financial services company that operates on the basis of blockchain technology to solve our customers’ problems in a mysterious world of financial PROBLEMS
A number of modern banks have integrated the provision of their services on the Internet. They create online banking, develop applications for clients to gain access to their financial means. And this is true. At the end of last year, 3.5 billion people had access to the Internet. And most of them live in developing countries. However, nearly 5 billion people are cut off from the global financial system, while the rest of the world regards its existence as normal. Imagine how many people still do not have checking accounts, bank cards and deposits. First of all, this is due to the reluctance of ordinary banks to be present in areas where these people live. Internet access is a tool to solve this problem. And our Global Crypto Bank will give these people access to excellent banking services: money orders, remote payments for goods and services, currency exchanges and more. Our bank activities will not have restrictions. This will be a modern bank that will become global from the first day. We do not try to create a centralized market, and we do not violate the kriptovalyutnuyu ideology, in particular, and decentralization. We make procedures and tools for crypto-conversion use that are comfortable and safe
At this time, investors who invest their money in crypto currencies have the same problem: great difficulty with ordinary currency exchange for the purchase of goods and services. We created our payment system with a bank card, which will be accepted by all ATMs and POS-terminals in the world, which work with the MasterCard and VISA systems.
These are millions of shops, restaurants, cafes, and various companies around the world. At the same time, the seller will be able to reduce transaction costs. They will be able to provide additional discounts to customers. And, unlike cash payments or classic plastic cards, the settlement in our payment system will be cheaper and more profitable. Additional bonuses for free account balances will be added for every day of the day. We also offer quarterly annual bonuses and additions to the storage of our customers’ funds. OUR EXPERIENCE
  • Previously we held a private investment tour worth US $ 150,000
  • We pass the experience of investors who qualify and receive a first round of investment of $ 150,000 from private investors
 PROJECT CONCEPTS   In the case of using conventional payment systems, such as MasterCard and VISA, financial institutions must obtain MasterCard and VISA licenses and conclude agreements with banks that provide services for acquisition and card issuers. Every transaction with a plastic card made by the seller brings the canceled amount from the cardholder’s card account, minus 1-3% of the total transaction. Thus, the transaction costs are 3 percent, and this leads to the seller’s economic loss, which is borne by the buyer.
Our payment and payment card systems reduce costs by up to 0.5 percent and create an independent settlement system. We will provide payment gateway services and provide services for the purchase of our plastic cards. This will also affect customer savings (buyers of goods and services).
i nostri servizi.JPG
  • Securing crypto currencies in decentralized user accounts, in addition to maintaining conventional currencies
  • Transfers and payments using crypto-competition and common currency
  • Integration of services from third party companies that accept crypto
  • Issuance of plastic cards for our clients’ customers and connections from these accounts to active accounts
  • Acquisition for commercial companies
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs around the world
  • Free payment between users of our bank payment system
  • Crypto and Regular Currency Exchange
  • Calculation using a mobile device
  • Credit balance in the account
  • p2p credit
Being an experienced player in financial markets and a modern and ambitious team with great confidence from our customers, we will be ready to offer a more attractive and versatile tool.
Unlike competitors, our company will work in an official legal environment and solve problems in an official manner. The background of each founder is sufficient for the implementation of this project.
We are ready to offer our customers more attractive and versatile tools.
The modern crypto industry is rapidly changing and is being introduced into real life and economics. Thanks to modern technology and people, millions of people around the world and hundreds of thousands of companies will soon be involved in the crypto economy, and this process cannot be stopped.
More than ever before, the world must integrate the crypto economy into conventional financial infrastructure. And the Crypto Bank Global project is designed to fulfill all of these claims. The development of the first crypto currency system based on blockbodies (Bitcoin) has been the source of the formation of the entire crypto industry.
It became clear that modern technology helped protect and protect the owners of modern crypto currencies from counterfeiting and theft. And, predictably, the world economic financial sector began to integrate with modern technology, including chains. This is caused by complicated data encryption algorithms.
This integration is called FinTech – a combination of finance and technology. This process facilitates the provision of banking services to the public and companies. In addition, the fact that cryptothermia is not related to government regulations and conventional currencies, ensures rapid development.
The crypto currency market has emerged and developed rapidly before our eyes. Therefore, it is not surprising that the initial investment market is integrated with crypto currencies. ICO (initial coin supply) is to attract investment for start-up technology, offering cryptocurrency for investors who are becoming more popular every day.
Basic operational activities will be carried out online and will allow expenses at almost zero level and not burden them with customers, as is the case with commercial banks.
All of our operations will be available. Therefore, our transaction costs will be practical at the zero level. As a result, unlike ordinary banking institutions, we will not charge our customers for transaction fees.
In the classical banking sector, there is strong competition because it attracts new customers, which require significant costs. In the case of an undeveloped stock market, you can cut spending on the actual budget to 5 times to attract the same number of customers.
At present, the usual banking system has serious competitors: cryptoeconomics. It all starts with the introduction of the Internet into our lives. People have a lot of information. Now they can quickly choose the most profitable service. Banks make concessions and implement internet banking. According to statistics, to date around 96% of all bank customers use mobile banking, call centers and ATMs. Many customers no longer need a classic bank branch. Our company also follows this path. We will only be one click away from our customers: click to launch our app on your smartphone. Most FinTech experts agree that the entire global economy will be based on blockchain technology for 10 years. Therefore,
All modern internet tools will be used to provide an appropriate level of security. Most client crypto currencies will be stored in a standalone server insured by an international insurance company. To ensure maximum security for all transactions, a two-stage authentication system will be used, which requires data that protects your account. GOOD CLIENTS.
Commercial companies will be offered platforms designed to receive crypto payments with payments via mobile devices on ApplePay and Samsung Pay systems, as well as with Global Crypto Bank plastic cards. People will be offered to use our Global Crypto Bank plastic cards and online applications for completion with both traditional currencies and crypto currencies. People will also be able to withdraw cash at all ATMs.
Every token is part of our bank. By buying tokens, you become a co-owner of millions of big business dollars. Every co-owner has the right to receive dividends and use company technology. After the ICO results, each partner will receive a share of our profits, based on his contribution.
According to the company card, criptobank will pay 50% of the net income to the holder of the “Global Crypto Bank” marker at the end of each financial year, according to the actions of our company.
Short name token
All unsold tokens will be withdrawn after the ICO
Duration to ICO
50.000.000 TOKENS
The number of tokens is limited
1 TOKEN = $ 1
Token value when translated into currency
$ 50 000 000
The total amount planned
Jim Thomson (Founder)
Ross Kraunk (founder of CFO)
Daniel Courtney (CTO)
William Gordon (CEO)
Eric Crowley (CPO)
Enlai Jiang (marketing)
Lloyd Lane (Development Director)
John Hundley (legal advice)
Stephen Murphy (CEO Genesis Global Tech)
Saul Hudson (Communication)
Devon Wesley (Engineer-Blockchain)



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