We don’t think so specifically now because many people realize that the BIZpaye Trading Platform is a very unique system and what it provides for business owners has never been done before in the history of modern Trade Exchange.
Now, with the arrival of the CRYPTO BIZpaye the success story continues.
BIZpaye CRYPTO utilizes the success of an industry first, The BIZpaye Trading Platform is proud of its status and efforts that have been made in developing a business model that provides a fairer and more attractive form of trade for businesses. The BIZpaye Trading Platform is now in great demand because it meets modern expectations when it comes to doing business by providing a solid basis for launching CRYPTO BIZpaye
Simply put, BIZpaye provides business owners with valuable NEW resources from “Customers” “Sales” and “Benefits” while at the same time contributing to a very important area of ​​’cost savings’, often a cause of business failure if not attended. BIZpaye CRYPTO allows members to participate in the innovative “Crypto” market while adding additional benefits including access to additional markets, options to engage in Exchange trading and of course, the planned ‘Growth Value’ potential.
Every BIZpaye member is independent of the services he provides or in the market where he has access to various systems to help them generate new business from BIZpaye. In addition to the BIZpaye Website and all the support that it provides, including the BIZpaye Marketplace, the “LIVE” BIZpaye Directory, the BIZpaye Smart Phone Application, plus various new and interesting technologies. These are all designed to support and make running any business plus generating new sales easier than before. Adding to this similar support for the future CRYPTO BIZpaye is indeed interesting.
With direct and direct trade access to thousands of other businesses throughout the world through our cooperation agreements with other Trade Exchanges around the world, it’s easy to see why the number of BIZpaye members continues to grow.
By acting as a credit and debit card system that allows businesses to access various goods and services in less competitive markets, BIZpaye offers a variety of financial benefits that are not usually found in traditional markets or offered by other card payment systems. An advantage for large and small businesses!
BIZpaye International has established Franchise offices in Australia, Dubai, Germany, Hong Kong, India, the Philippines and Thailand, the US, Canada and with more countries that will soon be online such as Central and South America and America. United Kingdom  This is again unique in the world of Crypto with the BIZpaye CRYPTO launched on an established platform rather than on ‘possibility’ or ‘project outline’. It’s easy to see excitement about the BIZpaye Trading Platform and CRYPTO BIZpaye.
Put everything into perspective and clarify the potential of the BIZpaye that is still untapped and especially the CRYPTO BIZpaye, if there is a business that wants to increase its cash flow, increase its customer base or just look for that market side, then BIZpaye has a solution.
As a proven system of increasing cash flow and the customer base of each business, BIZpaye offers a variety of unique benefits that can only be found in the BIZpaye system. Using a currency known as BIZpaye Credit, BIZpaye enables business members to increase sales, create cost savings, and improve the general financial performance of a business by taking advantage of backup capacity or underutilization, all of which increase bottom line profitability.
CRYPTO BIZpaye. Its mission is to provide a GLOBAL TRADING CURRENT in addition to the GLOBAL TRADING PAYMENT PLATFORM that is fair, fair and more important, very beneficial for all BIZpaye members and Crypto participants.
With the addition of CRYPTO BIZpaye opening new markets, this success story certainly continues.
To find out more about the opportunities represented by CRYPTO BIZpaye or how BIZpaye can help you or your business, contact us at
Name of Token: BIZpaye Crypto
Symbol of Trading Tokens: CRYPTO
Token type: ERC-20
Minted Token: 1,000,000,000
Decimal Token: 18
Outstanding Token: 44,810,560 (Last Report April 15, 2019)
Token Address: 0x7875bAfc5d63Fa035DeA0809c2a57A382d772903

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