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Hello all community greetings.
if you are interested in joining the Crypto Circle project, it’s good to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in seeing their vision and mission, because it’s important to understand accuracy in reviews so you don’t hesitate in investing.

therefore I invite you to see the Crypto Circle project and let’s look at the Crypto Circle review below.

Having a business is indeed a dream for some people. Quite often they will make various efforts to create all the best possibilities for their business. One of them is this project which has a good strategy to market their products. Well actually there are many projects out there that are good, but this project has a very different advantage that you can use to invest in long periods, therefore I will outline the way the project works …

Being the Best company in the whole world is an ideal for this project, an effective company that is already established. With such a large number of products, of course, it is an opportunity for the community to invest on a national scale to continue to develop its business. this project wants to be the best project in the whole world, not an impossible thing, because the resources owned by this company are very large.

The Best Company in all countries is not a figment, if community satisfaction can continue to be maintained, so that emotionally they will become loyal investors. Investor loyalty will have a positive impact on companies that want to continue to grow. The values ​​obtained by investors from companies that provide the best service will be given a positive word of mouth, both through oral, and through existing media. The increasingly massive use of the internet with the presence of smart communication devices that are always connected (online) to cyberspace will have an impact on the development of this company. The increasingly practical middle class, will find a lot of information from the internet, which means that the use of search engines like Google will be even greater. Thus, the company’s strategy is to make investors interested in using services and investing in long periods. This is one of the right steps if you join us.

As an established company, this company is one of the pride of the whole world. Achievements have been achieved and the international level obtained by this company shows that potential deserves to be “the best company in the whole world”.

Only by buying here will you get these cool bonuses and complete packages that have ever existed for this product. If there is a FREE and get a bonus every purchase every day, why should you hesitate? Introducing a great business and not many people know, Only by buying products or tokens per day, you will get an extra bonus every day. “Wow, that really makes you friend” …

At present, the company’s industry is increasing and continuing to exceed expectations quickly, according to international companies, the global market is expected to reach $ 150 billion in 2018, driven by creativity on other smart devices. revenue is expected to produce high product quality on tablets and smart phones.

This amount will increase income in 2018, which is reported to reach approximately $ 200 billion and will consistently increase by 8.2% from 2016-2020. Based on this growth, revenue is expected to reach $ 250 billion by 2020 with a very significant significant increase.

About Crypto Circle eXchange
Crypto Circle eXchange is the most advanced and secure cryptocurrency exchange powered by a cutting edge technology that is capable of over 10 million transactions per second. Our customers depend on us, as much as we, upon them. In this world of give and take, it has never been as transparent as right now, when dealing with our exchange. We want others to look at the symbol we have, and remember instantly our connection with our customers.

At its core, Crypto Circle eXchange is a revolutionary cryptocurrency and blockchain asset exchange focused on speed, safety, scalability, and customer support. We will issue our own token called the Crypto Circle eXchange Coin, with CCX as the symbol. CCX is an ERC20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain.

A strategic change in our ICO
We will ensure that our ICO will reach its full potential and our cryptocurrency exchange will be around for many years to come. During this time, we have decided to extend the Pre-ICO period to focus on increasing the Crypto Circle X (CCX) brand awareness by furthering our social media presence. We will be focusing on the following areas: Reddit, Medium, Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube. While we are doing this, it will be business as usual and all aspects will continue as normal.

The white paper will detail use cases, which will enhance and go into more details about specific sections and be more explanatory. Everyone can understand each section with easy to understand wording, of what our product and features will have to offer. During this time, we will be focusing on Crypto Circle X (CCX) brand awareness. Brand awareness is the level of consumer consciousness of a company. It measures a customer’s ability to not only recognize a brand image, but to also associate it with a certain company’s product or service. Can you Read whitepaper HERE

About Token
Our telegram chat has increased to over 40k users over the past few weeks and due to the overwhelming support from social media. We have started to implement 2 different programs that will benefit everyone who supports the Crypto Circle X (CCX) brand. Our Daily Trivia quizzes, that occur at random times, that allow members to participate in questions pertaining to Crypto Circle X (CCX) with a chance to win CCX tokens for answering 5 questions correctly. A Meme making contest that will be judged by our moderators and the person who has the winning Meme will be awarded CCX tokens.

We will be implementing other ways to interact with our audience in the future. So be sure to check these out and there will be more ways to win as well in the future. Please don’t hesitate to leave us feedback for any suggestions or concerns.

The increase in time to the Pre-ICO period will affect the Road Map. So we will have to adjust some of the time frames, with the CCX Token as well as the Crypto Circle Exchange. This will only change some of the details on the Road Map and not impact the vision of Crypto Circle X (CCX). We have been actively looking to increase the number of partnerships, Public and Private, and will be continuing to do the same, moving forward. Also, we will be pitching the Crypto Circle X (CCX) brand to prospective venture capitalists and private investors to increase our capital for investment back into the ICO project.

Crypto Circle X (CCX) will begin hosting AMA’s written and video sessions, on many different platforms, twitter, medium, youtube, and other social media forums, where our team will be answering any and all your questions regarding the Crypto Circle Exchange and CCX project.

We would like to extend a big heartfelt thank you for your support! With the all the community growth Crypto Circle X (CCX) is seeing and the marketing/advertising strategies we will be implementing. The success of the ICO will easily be achieved with the help of our great core team and leading cryptocurrency advisors, Crypto Circle X (CCX) is on its way to bring the most advanced Crypto Exchange on the Blockchain!

Token Information
Token CCX
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
PreICO price 1 CCX = 0.09 USD
Price in ICO 0.0900 USD
Average price 0.01 USD

Private Sale: 15% Bonus Tokens
Pre-Sale: 7% Bonus Tokens.
Main Sale: no bonus

Volume Bonus:
10,000 – 99,999 – 3% Bonus Tokens
100,000 – 999,999 – 5% Bonus Tokens
1,000,000 – 9,999,999 – 7% Bonus Tokens
10,000,000 – 10% Bonus Tokens
Tokens for sale 450,000,000

Investment Information
Min. investment 1,000 CCX
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 75%
Soft cap 55600000 CCX
Hard cap 223000000 CCX

18 OCT 18 – 22 NOV 18
15% Token Bonus

23 NOV 18 – 27 DEC 18
7% Token Bonus

28 DEC 18 – 2 FEB 19
No Token Bonus

1 ETH 1945 CCX Tokens
1 CCX TOKEN $0.09

How to Buy Tokens???
You must first enter this link and click on the Purchase CCX Here as shown below:

Then you will enter the participant registration, as shown below:

Contract Address: 0x15cb52699eE4d8A419586202F7A01341BE96084a

If you have difficulties in purchasing tokens you can contact the Community Telegram or send this E-mail ( )


Our Partners

This company needs to be preserved and must get attention in order to obtain a balanced situation. there are so many benefits if you all join this company. if you do not pay attention to the balance of this company, you will lose an opportunity that you deserve. The positive impact of this company is to get a distinct advantage for your needs.

That is what I can say about the company that was discussed in this article, of course there are many shortcomings and weaknesses due to the limited knowledge about the lack of references or references that I have acquired in connection with this company. I personally hope many dear readers will criticize constructive suggestions for us and for the sake of the company’s perfection. Hopefully this article can be useful for you as readers in particular.
Thank you, hopefully it will be useful !!!

Step-by-step guide:
Join the Crypto Circle Telegram Community Telegram channel
Join the Crypto Circle Bounty Group Telegram Bounty Chat
Go to their Bitcointalk Thread and take part in whatever campaign you want.

For more information:
Visit Crypto Circle Official Website and READ White Paper
Go to ANN Thread to get complete information, this will help you get promising project information.



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