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For the current year, the cryptocurrency world has not pleased us with good exchange rates. Gradually, the main bitcoin coin has dropped about 5 times since the beginning of the year. But still trading activity on the market remains at a fairly high level. This happens because trading activity is able to generate profits even in a bad market, even for beginners. For this category of users, the CRYPTO CIRCLE EXCHANGE creates own product, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange of enhanced comfort with high liquidity of assets. All cryptocurrency exchanges have a number of common problems. In the first place is the issue of asset security. The exchanges are still being hacked. Even the most popular, such as Bitfinex, for example.

The exchanges are characterized by low liquidity. Or, as they call this problem, the subtlety of the market. Large players and just big money can not freely enter the market. Because for this they will have to buy all the cheap warrants, and it will cost more. The same applies to the withdrawal of large assets. We’ll have to sell at the prices that are offered in a glass. Decentralized exchanges charge fees for the exchange. This is a deterrent to the use of many trading techniques. And leads to a decrease in trading activity. Customer support problems. Most exchanges have a ticket system that makes users wait, sometimes for several days. This affects the lost profits of customers.

Features of the project for users:

Crypto Circle Exchange is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, which provides low commissions for the transaction, provides high performance and comfortable working conditions. In this case, the exchange provides a high speed of all operations. This indicator will significantly exceed the values of other exchanges. The next feature of the exchange is to solve the problem with the constant freezes that occur in some other exchanges. This issue is resolved through the use of the GoLang programming language from Google, which in turn will increase the performance of the platform and improve the conditions for the work of traders. It is the use of this programming language that will highlight the Crypto Circle Exchange among competitors. Exchange assets will be reliably protected from DDoS attacks.

The next feature of the Crypto Circle Exchange is the ability to control how traders use manipulative trading methods, as well as bots. As a result, beginners may be more relaxed. The platform will meet all the requirements of ESMA financial supervision, EU rules (MAR), US Dodd-Frank SEC and other regulatory regulations, which guarantees the quality of the services provided and their safety. To resolve emerging issues, chat rooms in instant messengers will work, which will significantly increase the speed of processing requests. Platform commission for Fiat deposit and withdrawal will be 0.2%.

Terms of the ICO project:

Token Name: CCX

Standard: erc-20

Total number of tokens issued: 300 000 000 CCX

The period of the stage Public Sale: 18 Oct 2018 – 2 Feb 2019

Token price at this stage: 1 CCX = $ 0.09

Soft Cap: $ 3 000 000

Hard Cap: $ 20 000 000


The Crypto Circle Exchange seemed to me to be quite competent and thought out. This exchange will be one of those products that today survive in the market and ensure the relative hardness of the coins of their projects. A team of executives, performers and advisers are successful people. The project has successfully implemented a closed pre-sale. It is possible that soon we will have another worthy representative of the cryptocurrency exchanges market.

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