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Hello friends, all with arisa.model met in the discussion on the Crypto Circle X project that I will deliver to find information about projects that are currently being developed by the team and if the explanations I convey are poorly understood you can contact an accurate link about this project, welcome

About Crypto Circle X

Crypto Circle Exchange is the most sophisticated and secure cryptocurrency exchange that is supported by advanced technology that is capable of carrying out more than 10 million transactions per second. Our customers depend on us, as much as we, on them. In this world giving and receiving is never as transparent as it is now, when dealing with our exchanges. We want other people to see the symbols that we have, and remember directly our relationship with our customers.

In essence, Crypto Circle Exchange is a revolutionary cryptocurrency and blockchain asset exchange that focuses on speed, security, scalability and customer support. We will issue our own token called Crypto Circle X Coin, with CCX as the symbol. CCX is an ERC20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

What Makes Us Different?
The Crypto Circle X approach is to build an ecosystem centered on the needs of our customers. We aim to create reliable, safe and trusted cryptocurrency exchanges that are primarily focused on Live, speed, security, scalability and 24-hour customer service.

About Tokens

Crypto Circle Exchange will issue its own token called Crypto Circle X Coin, with CCX as the symbol. CCX is an ERC20 utility token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain which will reduce transactional costs by up to 0.1% and can be used by both participants in the trading process. Tokens can also be used to activate premium features, such as AI bots, technical analysis charts, and many others.

Crypto Circle Exchange is currently undergoing an ICO, and you can be part of this amazing project from the initial stage and buy their tokens with Ethereum at discounted prices from their official website. Soft caps are 3 million USD and hard caps are 20 million USD.

Ethereum Blockchain ERC20 Token Protocol
Soft Stamp (USD) $ 3,000,000.00
Hard Cap (USD) $ 20,000,000.00
How to Payment ETH
Available for purchase of 223,000,000 CCX Tokens
Total Coins of 300,000,000 CCX Tokens
Personal Sales 15% Bonus Token
Presale 7% Token Bonus
Main Sales 0% Token Bonus
1 ETH 5,389 CCX Tokens
1 CCX $ 0.09


Park Jungwon (박정원)
CEO, Founder

Alexandru Crucean
COO, Co-Founder

Maura Barbulescu

Cristian Maris

Cristian Tuns
Digital Media Director

Ji Hae Han
Communication Director

Adrian Dionisie
Sales Operations Manager

And Oradan and Brezeanu

Adrian Marius Iencut

Oliver Petrica
Director of Motion Graphics

Alina Cirpaci
Motion Graphic Designer

Carlos Blake
Head of Integration System

Yong Hee Park
South Korean IT Consultant


Flavius Radu
International Marketers & Crypto Investors

Alexandru Catalin Radulescu
ICO Adviser at Bettium

Song Chul Hong
Entrepreneurs, Crypto Fans & Realtor

Byung Chul Lee
International Lawyers Specialize in Startup Companies

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