The number of digital assets is increasing day by day, I have been observing and examining this market since, and I can confidently say that many of them have to spend a lot of money to promote their projects, ideas, and audiences. The investments collected in the ICO usually lead to 30-40% more marketing. Although this may be directed to better transactions, it is a good size. Usually, a start-up in the blockchain has its own personal website and white paper, also called a technical document; everything here is not clear to the ordinary person who can see a simple and clear platform and decide to invest. That is, they cannot fully convey the idea that the team has determined in their projects, so they cannot get the financial amount needed for the beginning and development of their products. I have many personal social networks with tens of thousands of subscribers, and I’m usually sending and receiving reviews and new feedback on new interesting projects based on blockchain technology; However, there are content creators, bloggers, and opinion leaders who are loyal subscribers and are ready to introduce only proven companies because they are concerned about their reputation. And today, there is a growing need to build a platform to unite crypto publishers and crypto advertisers.


Crypto Market Ads is democratic and decentralized market for crypto and blockchain advertising which is built by experience team that have proven years of experience in the blockchain industry . Since “crypto is the future” according to warren buffet, the platform is develop on a world class facility to meet global standard demand both now and in the future.

Crypto Market Ads integrate a new marketplace into the blockchain ecosystem that solves all advertising and marketing and marketing needs; which is focus on Crypto & related business in Blockchain market niche.

The traditional complications and issues are eradicated in within a second, connecting publishers and advertisers in the enterprise on a platform designed to healthy the needs of the emerging industry . By collaborating free of charge, of which the market surroundings allows publishers to have interaction in fairly and efficiently competing, permitting them to maintain competitive prices. It leads to the discovery of charges that are as low as low-priced and appealing to advertisers.

Advantage of CryptoMarketAds

CryptoMarketAds serves as an on line advertising and advertising and marketing platform dedicated to crypto-based projects, considering how crypto advertising is largely disallowed with the aid of main marketing platforms. CMA brings collectively advertisers, publishers, market bounty hunters, crypto advisors, influencers and lovers below a single platform. Crypto startup mission proprietors can purchase marketing spaces and advertising offerings from top publishers and experts to make their own projects a success.

“CryptoMarketAds proudly offers a committed marketplace for crypto organizations to market themselves and grow,” says Artis. “Businesses and traders can sign up early earlier than the pre-sale to get top class benefits. This is a special probability they can use to jump-start their crypto tasks and ICOs.”

CMA was once lately featured as one of the pinnacle three ICOs of 2019 via ICOTOP, an independent crypto assessment agency. The challenge managed to get an A1 rating; the second-highest ranking possible. The marketplace beta has been released and is getting very fantastic comments on on-line crypto dialogue boards such as Bitcointalk. Just in a 1-week more than 60 publishers have already signed up to provide their crypto advertising and advertising and marketing services.

The CryptoMarketAds Ecosystem

Based on high market demands for crypto advertising and marketing, big exchanges are required which will sustain high volumes of buy orders.

Exchanges: Large exchanges that provide the needed liquidity for the CMA token (to enhance buying or selling CMA tokens either earned by sellers or to be used by advertisers for payment on the platform)

The CMA Marketplace

The marketplace a free market there is healthy competition which leads to competitive prices for marketing teams and more prospect for publishers. Both advertisers and publishers are secured against scams and fraud using escrow, and there is a built-in chat system that enhances direct negotiation between advertiser and publishers by making communication easier. It offers forum signatures, social media, websites & ICO listings, email newsletters, blockchain, marketing & advisory services, etc.


Total Supply => 10,000,000,000

Token Symbol => CMA

50% Allocated to Crowd Sale

20% Allocated to Exchanges and reserve

10% Allocated to Team Members

10% Allocated to Founders

10% Allocated to Marketing Bounty and Sales



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