Crypto N ‘Kafe

What is Crypto N’ Kafe? 

Crypto N’ Kafe is the first decentralized coffee trading ecosystem powered by Ethereum blockchain technology. The primary concept is to revolutionize the coffee industry by connecting coffee farmers and consumers directly, eliminating non-transparent intermediaries and avoiding retailer domination. The ecosystem offers a variety of smart contracts to facilitate operations within the coffee trading ecosystem.

How It Works?

Farmers will be able to access to CNK platform, set their pricing scheme and select the best deal from importers, roaster and retailers. On the other hand, importers, roasters, and retailers can buy coffee beans directly from farmers at an agreed price. The payment for all transactions will be settled using the CNK token as digital cash within the platform.


Why Crypto N’ Kafe? 

The Crypto N’ Kafe is designed to help increase the average income of farmers and promote efficient and transparent supply chain. There is no hidden margin/markup per coffee transaction. Furthermore, the transaction is done peer-to-peer in CNK token (cashless medium) without going through any central authority such as government, company or bank.


  • High quality coffee is cheaper than in stores
  • Coffee is purchased online easily and easily
  • Unlimited access to preferred suppliers


  • Full price control and product list
  • Direct marketing and promotion to consumers
  • Fast and detailed customer feedback



  • Get the best knowledge about coffee trade
  • Earn higher revenue
  • Skip the middleman
  • Financial freedom


  • Easier payment method access
  • Export worldwide with lower costs and faster shipments
  • Free from complicated banking procedures


  • Make a deal directly with farmers and traders
  • Switch to simple, low-cost payment process
  • Trade on one-stop B2B trading sites


  • Take advantage of powerful tools for retail systems
  • Offers easy access to end customers with mobile wallets, debit cards and P2P exchanges
  • Trade on one-stop B2B trading sites


Token Sale
  • The pre-ICO sales will start from 18 Jan 2018 to 29 Jan 2018. There will be 25%-35% bonus for those who purchase the token during this period depending on their ETH contribution amount.
  • As for the ICO sales, it will begin from 4 Feb 2018 to 16 March 2018. Token purchaser will be eligible for 5%-25% bonus depending on different ICO stages and ETH contribution amount.
To learn more about Crypto N’ Kafe, visit their website or join their Telegram chat group.



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