Crypto N’ Kafe — A Revolution to Regenerate the African Cafe Industry

We all love coffee and it is one of the most liked beverages in all over the world. While drinking a cup of coffee, have you ever imagined how it comes in your hand and the process behind it. From green coffee to a cup of latte or cappuccino, it is a long supply chain which involves in providing you your favorite drink.

In this global coffee economy, there is one important unit called coffee farmers. They are most important and valuable part of this chain, but unfortunately one of the least benefited.

The diagram below help us to understand how the global coffee economy operates-

Crypto N’ Kafe team has realized the struggle of African coffee farmers and the whole supply chain and came with a perfect solution of a blockchain based coffee trading ecosystem.

Crypto N’ Kafe — First Coffee Trading Ecosystem Supporting Farmers

Crypto N’ Kafe is world’s first coffee trading ecosystem powered by blockchain technology which aims to help the African coffee farmers in earning more. It is an advanced platform which uses smart contract by Ethereum blockchain to solve the fundamental supply chain issue of coffee making.

The team believes that Crypto N’ Kafe will bring some revolutionary changes in the lives of African coffee farmers.

How Crypto N’ Kafe Works-

The primary goal of Crypto N’ Kafe is to overcome the retailer domination from this coffee industry and making a strong place for the farmers. CNK platform directly connects the consumers and coffee farmers and eliminate the others from the chain. This will helps farmers to get the maximum value of their coffee.

For facilitating the operations, Crypto N’ Kafe offers a variety of smart contracts. By implementing the CNK platform-

. Farmers will have full control over the pricing and listing of the product.

. Farmers can get direct feedback from customers which will help them to improvise and earn more.

.Farmers can market their coffee directly to consumers.

.While on other hand, consumers can get the high quality coffee at cheaper rates.

.Consumers will have a lot of choices of suppliers.

Cafe Au Lait

Crypto N’ Kafe makes it possible to alleviate coffee farmers gloomy outlook through implementation of blockchain technology for a stress-free trade that will result in fair price, and a rapid decline of inflation in the industry.

Crypto N’ Kafe will leverage smart contract for an efficient chain supply in the market that will be trusted and beneficiary to the economic conditions of coffee farmers. The platform is the first platform to resolve the coffee’s market gray areas and address underpaid coffee farmers in Africa. Farmers will have a broader exposure alongside and hassle-free approach to payment. For the first time too, the coffee market is upgraded into a modernized and cutting-edge approach making coffee trade transparent, frictionless, secure, and auditable.

Crypto N’ Kafe is powered by it own native, ERC20 compatible token — CNK. The CNK token will be use by members to access high quality coffee at lower price and a network of unlimited suppliers, and instantaneously settle all transactions on the network. What’s more, the network will also have its own inbuilt and fully-compliant exchange alongside a portal for farmers to come to speed on the latest techniques and a groundbreaking Credit Card facility — Crypto-Out Card.

This card can be loaded with funds from the CNK web or mobile wallets and is usable wherever credit cards are accepted.

Coffee For All

Crypto N’ Kafe has launched it token offering to the public. Launching on January 18 with its pre-ICO, participants can purchase CNK tokens at 1,250–1,350 CNK per ETH for purchases with 25% — 35% bonuses.

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