Crypto n Kafe : enjoyment and profit along with coffee and cryptocurrency

coffee, with all the pleasures in a cup of coffee that is so tempting. with the number of coffee lovers all over the world, coffee becomes a very strong drink because it’s unique and so delicious.

coffee is one of the good and high business in the global market commodity, although coffee as a high business in the global market, there are many unclear regulations between farmers and traders, which proves that the chain mechanism is not very good in the smooth trade of coffee. farmers are often disadvantaged because they do not really understand the price of coffee in the global market, so many coffee traders who often pay cheap coffee from farmers, as a result merchants who benefit from sales to consumers.

of the above problems is clearly a gap in management that has not been restored. as one of the emerging platforms this one is a brilliant idea to advance the various parties in the global marketplace. with coffee as an object of sale and a variety of parties that are easy in knowing the market price of coffee on the market, Crypto n kafe platform provides smart solutions in management of good management. so that between traders, farmers and consumers in transactions will be transparently established.

Crypto n Kafe offers farmers, traders and consumers with cryptocurrency as a transactional tool, so this will facilitate fast, secure and transparent transactions. with a system equipped blockchain also be a guarantee that the transaction is safe.

crypto n kafe also in the plan will make a CNK debit card which later can be used in transaction service and as CNK token storage service.

Crypto n cafe for now is selling token, which later farmers, traders can use it in transactions, this sale is also a golden opportunity for investors to gain profit in global market exchanges. for sales details can be seen below:

token name: CNK
token price: 1 ETH = 1000 CNK (excluding bonus)
for the time and bonus you can get in the picture below:

to join the crypto n cafe platform, the perfect solution with cryptocurrency. for more details the information can be seen on the link below:






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