Crypto N’ Kafe To Disrupt Coffee Industry

“A cup of coffee” is a global language that unify a myriad of people. This unity is brewed in a pot of mutual understanding, respect and love for the sizzling, liquid courage known as coffee irrespective of location.

The coffee industry is worth well over $20 billion dollar annually. Coffee is the most predominate beverage in the world and has an affinity for mountainous terrain. Everyday, over 2 billion cups of coffee is consumed, most of which is produced by the twenty-five million or so farmers spread across sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and South Asia. Majority of these farmers struggle with financing and are constantly battling against harsh conditions due to the opacity of the industry.

Energizing The Coffee Industry

Crypto N’ Kafe aim to provide an ecosystem that will revolutionize the coffee industry through a forward-thinking blockchain platform.

The platform will offer several services to small farmers including promotion and increase of income by disrupting the heavily-meditated traditional norms of the coffee industry.

Developed as a decentralized platform on Ethereum, Crypto N’ Kafe will integrate roasters, traders, retailers, farmers and end consumers into a single, unifying ecosystem based on a network of trustless reputation and direct peer-to-peer communication and settlement channels. Crypto N’ Kafe will eliminate the need of an intermediary such as government, company or bank by connecting the farmers and end-users on its platform. In turn these will dissolve the domination and monopoly of the industry by single entities. Smart contracts will increase the level of security and transparency of transactions within the ecosystem.

Cafe Au Lait

Crypto N’ Kafe makes it possible to alleviate coffee farmers gloomy outlook through implementation of blockchain technology for a stress-free trade that will result in fair price, and a rapid decline of inflation in the industry.

Crypto N’ Kafe will leverage smart contract for an efficient chain supply in the market that will be trusted and beneficiary to the economic conditions of coffee farmers. The platform is the first platform to resolve the coffee’s market gray areas and address underpaid coffee farmers in Africa. Farmers will have a broader exposure alongside and hassle-free approach to payment. For the first time too, the coffee market is upgraded into a modernized and cutting-edge approach making coffee trade transparent, frictionless, secure, and auditable.

Crypto N’ Kafe is powered by it own native, ERC20 compatible token — CNK. The CNK token will be use by members to access high quality coffee at lower price and a network of unlimited suppliers, and instantaneously settle all transactions on the network. What’s more, the network will also have its own inbuilt and fully-compliant exchange alongside a portal for farmers to come to speed on the latest techniques and a groundbreaking Credit Card facility — Crypto-Out Card.

This card can be loaded with funds from the CNK web or mobile wallets and is usable wherever credit cards are accepted.

Coffee For All

Crypto N’ Kafe has launched it token offering to the public. Launching on January 18 with its pre-ICO, participants can purchase CNK tokens at 1,250–1,350 CNK per ETH for purchases with 25% — 35% bonuses.

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