TRON is the world’s biggest decentralized system and new tasks like Project Atlas will associate BitTorrent to the universe of Blockchain, empowering quicker downloads and deluge lifetimes, making a tokenized content environment that advantages 100M+ existing clients.

Justin Sun recently worked at Ripple as Chief Representative and Advisor and established Peiwo in 2013, one of the biggest voice live gushing applications in China. His instructive foundation incorporates the University of Pennsylvania, Peking University, and Hupan University (made by Jack Ma, Chairman of the Alibaba Group).

TRON is interfacing a huge number of engineers over the world through its shopper concentrated biological system dependent on Blockchain, cryptocurrency, dApps, and driving distributed record sharing items; individually TRON, Peiwo, BitTorrent and µTorrent.

About Crypto Paradise Rewards

Crypto Paradise is intended to be an environment for various undertakings, they plan to commence with DappStat which is a Dapp following site which will share the produced income among the token holders and making a superior and supportable Dividend appropriation framework .CPR is a local token intended for exchanges in Crypto Paradise Ecosystem and which will concede CPR holders 1:1 proportion Airdrops for DappStats tokens for the future ventures.


Larger part of Developers needs center around Community and they don’t consider it to be any need to make a supportable task.

Individuals lose enthusiasm inside 2 to about a month of the Dapps creation, rather than making something reasonable they proceed onward making another Dapp.

Larger part of the venture bombed because of impassive mentalities of the group in the wake of social event assets from the financial specialists. They for the most part don’t keep the financial specialist’s locale refreshed about the advancement of the undertaking which in the end prompts disappointment. Absence of regular correspondence by the Project group render ventures pointless and prompting their disappointment.

Arrangement PROFFERED

Crypto Paradise first undertaking, DappStats will be a distinct advantage in Dapp Space. They mean to make s practical Dividend sharing framework to the Community.

Crypto Paradise Team will give continuous reports on new Dapps on their DappStates all the time, this will make inspiration to the whole network and guaranteeing manageability.

A Telegram people group is opened for the network where anybody can pose any inquiries about what appears to be uncleared to them .. We will be accessible to day in and day out to our different clients.

How might I buy CPR?

The main accessible Cryptocurrencies to buy CPR is Tron (TRX) which can be bought effectively through this connection

Message GROUPAs referenced before, TRX will be required in other to be a piece of the CPR token Sale. CPR can be bought in both message gathering or BUY TRX HERE


Network: It is the Goal of CryptoParadies to make a venture concentrated on offering Community the best favorable circumstances without adjusting the quality.

Easy to use AND QUALITY SERVICE: The Team of CryptoParadise concentrated on offering quality administration and simple to utilize interface for their different clients

Environment: Focusing on causing gatherings of Project that to encourage further development in Crypto Space and encouraging mass reception of Cryptocurrency.

Additional ADVANTAGES: CPR token holders appreciate assortments of advantages since they naturally they will be a piece of the whole future undertakings directed on Crypto Paradise.

Token Info Token
Ticker: Crypto Paradise
symbol: CPR
Supply: 10,000,000 Supply total

Concept created

Team formation
Business plan

MARCH 2019
Strategic Plan
Evidence from

MAY 2019
concept White paper
in progress
Website ongoing

JUN 2019
Sales Token
Sales token starts
White paper launched
Website launched

JULY 2019
Phase 2
End of sale of
1: 1 CPR token Airdrop of Token X for CPR token holder
Paper X White Token Launch
Sales X Tokens starting at 0.5 TRX per token
Website Token X being built

Q3 2019
Testing website Token X
Dividend system test Token X
Launching beta
Q3 X3 Token website 2019
Launching X Token
Dividend system added to website
X Trc10 Token, exchange to Trc20
Complete system launched

Q3 2019
Launch of marketing campaign
Partnership agreement
Social Media Contest

Q4 2019
Future plans
Further development of
new X Token Services offered for CPR token holders
Other chain integration

For more information, kindly follow the link below:
Whitepaper: /2019/06/whitepaper.pdf

AUTHOR: walesodiya
TRX wallet: TP4r5Gsownpy22FkhBoKLg24SWVtBAGf5r


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