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ICO market is nowadays pretty similar to the Wild West during the gold rush period. It is possible to earn money very quickly, sometimes even good money, but you have to find a perfect spot, or in this case, a good project to invest. Common thing to the Wild West? No guaranties and almost no law. It is pretty easy to find bad cowboys which are going to promise you golden mountains to steal your last piece of bread. So in all this mess, if you want to find your gold nugget, you can trust just your own brain composites.

So did I and during my research I found the project in which I really put my faith, Crypto-Potential.

Below you can read the analysis and decide on your own, do you want to send some pennies to the pot.

ABOUT Crypto-Potential

Crypto-Potential is a platform which provides specialized ICO reports evaluated by certified crypto experts
called ICO Detectives. . Investors gain access to the specialized ICO reports from a decentralized database
which contains critical information for their investments.
The ecosystem incorporates two crypto elites: Crypto investors and Crypto detectives.
Detectives are experts who have the knowledge and experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency to write
specialized reports which earn them continuous passive income. Investors access the reports with CP Token
to further increase their network of relevant information which saves their precious time.

Mission and Vision
The mission is to provide a network of information collaboration for crypto elites (ICO investors and ICO
The vision is to establish a new generation of ICO investing.

Crypto traders and investors are overwhelmed by the number of ICO’s and amount of information that they
have at their disposal. How much of that information is really relevant? On top of that, finding the right ICO
to invest in requires a lot of time, experience and knowledge to know if the project is really going to be a
success. If that is not enough, just imagine a corrupted system that gives ratings based on the monetary
compensation from the ICO’s themselves, or if you like, paid ratings. Not just that, experts who are supposed
to do the evaluation are not even verified, certified or tested as cryptocurrency and blockchain experts.
Literally anyone can become an expert as long as they prove their identity. So why waste your precious time
on the projects that do not have potential and are boosted with fake ratings? Why not have someone to do
the evaluation for you? Wouldn’t it be better and easier to have a report about an ICO that is already
investigated and evaluated by an expert which will have all the critical information that will help with the
investment decision?
To save you a lot of time and money, Crypto-Potential will provide specialized ICO reports which are
evaluated by experts called ICO Detectives. Rather than comprehensive reports that are as long as
whitepaper itself, these specialized reports will contain factual information about ICO’s that are critical in
making the right investment decision which you would not be able to find elsewhere. Detectives who write
reports are incentivized by investors who access them not the ICO’s themselves. This way they can write
unbiased reports based on the real facts rather than being paid to boost the ratings. Every Detective on
Crypto-Potential will have to be tested and verified in their field of expertise to assure they will conduct ICO
evaluation with accuracy and expertise.
Crypto-Potential lays the focus on the following:
• ICO Detectives – experts with the necessary knowledge and skill in blockchain and cryptocurrency
• Specialized ICO reports – factual reports about ICO projects
• Critical information – relevant technical data translated in an understandable format
• Investor incentive – Reports are incentivized by investors who access them, not by ICO’s

Who is an ICO Detective?
An ICO Detective is an expert who has the necessary knowledge and experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain to evaluate an ICO with expertise and accuracy. Each ICO Detective evaluates ICO’s within his/her own field of expertise to provide a specialized and accurate information, writing a comprehensive report
about an ICO.
How to become an ICO Detective?
Becoming an ICO Detective is a strict and selective process. Every candidate that applies for the ICO Detective position will have his/her skills tested in a rigorous screening process to prove that they have the necessary knowledge and skill to create a quality ICO report. Find the extensive article about the ICO Detective campaign here:
What do Detectives get?
*Share from ICO promotion
ICO’s that want to promote their project on Crypto-Potential will apply for the promotion. Before they can be promoted on Crypto-Potential, their ICO will first have to be verified. Once they are verified by ICO Detective and are given a passing grade, they will compensate the promotion with their own coin/token. The ICO
Detective will earn coins/tokens from the promotion compensation which value will appreciate in time.
*Selling Reports
Every report that an ICO Detective writes will be available for sale on Crypto-Potential. Investors who are interested in an expert report from ICO Detective will find valuable information and purchase the report. The ICO Detective will earn continuous passive income from selling their own reports.
*ICO Detective certificate
ICO Detective is a well respected and valuable member of the crypto community. Each ICO Detective starts at Level 1 and by adding the value with each evaluation he brings to the community he climbs to the higher levels. Each level commands more respect, reputation and profits.
*ICO Detective campaign reward
Receive 500’000 CP Tokens as a reward for completing the campaign and becoming the ICO Detective.
*25% discount
ICO Detective applicants have access to CP Token at 25% discounted price.
What do Investors get?
Investors gain access with the CP Token to the information that they would not get elsewhere. Real relevant
ICO data provided by experts in a written document. A specialized expert report that is derived from the
analysis and research of the technical data provided by the ICO.

About CP Token

Built on Bottos public chain, CP Token gives access to the largest specialized ICO reports ecosystem.
We choose Bottos public chain which prevents data manipulation and supports multi-level massive data
How will the CP Token be used?
 Premium membership – for individuals
Discount on ICO reports
Email notifications about new ICO reports
1-3 free ICO reports monthly
 Rewards
ICO Detective initiation reward
ICO Detectives receive CP Tokens when investors access their reports

Name Crypto-Potential  CP Token
Symbol QCP
Total supply 1’800’000’000
Type ERC20 – Utility token


Pre-sale starts September 10th, 2018
Pre-sale ends September 20th, 2018
Pre-sale price 1CP = $0.0075 (25% bonus)


ICO starts October 1st, 2018
ICO ends January 15th, 2019
ICO price 1CP = $0.009 (10% bonus)
Softcap $3’000’000
Minimum cost for implementation of the necessary features
Hardcap $9’000’000
Unsold tokens will be burned


Running Platform

The Crypto-Potential platform is already running and this ICO is used to enhance it with reports and blockchain!

Access to ICO reports

Investors can access the specialized ICO reports with CP Token and reward the detectives for writing them!

Bonuses & discounts

CP Token unlocks the access to special bonuses and discounts for ICO reports!

ICO detective application

Constantly increasing interest to become an ICO detective!

Exchange listing

CP Token will be listed on major exchanges!


Q1 2018

The first prototype released

Q2 2018

Online release

Mobile support

First partnerships

Social media awareness

Q3 2018

ICO promotion feature


ICO Detective campaign

CP wallet

Q4 2018


ICO Crowdfunding

ICO Detective selection

Q1 2019

Team Recruitment

ICO reports and publication feature

ICO reports categorization

Q2 2019

Online wallets

Payment automation

Listing on exchanges

Q3 2019

Premium feature

Email notifications

ICO Detective selection

Q4 2019

ICO detective training

Discount feature

Multilingual reports


ICO reports optimization

ICO detective events

Top ICOs target promotion



Dario Sagud

Dario Sagud

Co-founder & CEO

Nikola Roginic

Nikola Roginic

Co-founder & CRO

Helena Sagud

Helena Sagud

Co-founder & CMO

Sandeep Shukla

Sandeep Shukla

Lead Architect/Developer

Julio Cesar Rodriguez

Julio Cesar Rodriguez

Social media strategist

Advisory board

Jason Meng

Jason Meng

Blockchain Advisor

Filip Zolota

Filip Zolota

Business Advisor

Thayne Swindell

Thayne Swindell

Strategic Advisor

Cyril Claire

Cyril Claire

Investor Relations

Marco Barchetti

Marco Barchetti

Marketing Advisor

Timo Trippler

Timo Trippler

Financial Advisor

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