Crypto Solar Tech

Crypto Solar Tech

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The main problem of mining and solar industry is on the high level of energy. At the same time, crypto currency relays on mining and solar industry to give enough electricity supply. Cryptosolartech is a platform to connect and accommodate these two important factors into better condition. People can make an investment in crypto currency and save the world by using energy efficiently. This platform is developed to solve some serious issues including development, power cost, and better way to handle some projects. As the result, the users can mine crypto currency maximally by using self energy system. This platform is also useful to give more benefits for the users so they can use crypto currency without anything to worry about.

About Cryptosolartech

Cryptosolartech is a platform which developed to support crypto currency mining activity. The platform provides the users with equipment and self energy supply for maximal crypto currency mining activity. The best part is that the energy is also able to be delivered to electric companies. The platform is also use to develop a photovoltaic plant which acts as an important role in solar panel technology. As the result, people are still able to mine crypto currencies with enough energy as well as help to generate energy for others by using Crypto Solar Tech. The point is how to develop Cryptosolartech into a valuable platform for all of the users.
Vision and Mission

Cryptosolartech is developed to reach the goal to accommodate around 3.000 plants so people can mine crypto currencies in better ecosystem. Moreover, Cryptosolartech is also used to support self electricity power supply especially to manage crypto currencies farms. It hopes that the features including the photovoltaic plant is able to help others such as electricity companies to give more electricity supply. The achievement is to build a 45.000 kW electric generation plant. Based on the detail here, it hopes that people can see Cryptosolartech is a profitable and valuable investment in crypto currency and blockchain technology.


Cryptosolartech gives benefits for all who are involved. For example, the token holders can be acted as an investor. They can manage the tokens individually to develop the platform and earn more profit from their investment. Moreover, the users can get more transparent data due to the open source application. The users are about to use a secure crypto currency platform. The users or investors can make transactions easier because they can do it peer to peer instead of using the role of third party. As the result, the users can complete the transactions faster and effectively and get the result just like what they want.


Cryptosolartech involves high cost technology to achieve the goals. Let say, it use specific technology known as photovoltaic plant. This plant is important to give electricity supply just like what the ecosystem needs. There are also around 3.000 plants and virtual farm to make sure that people can mine crypto currency well without anything to worry about.

Token Detail

The investment is using specific crypto currency known as CST tokens. Just like fiat money, CST tokens are able to use for any kind of purposes virtually including for investment. CST token holders can keep it or just sell to the exchange market anytime they want.

Token Name : CST Token
Number of Total Tokens : (100%)
Number of Tokens for Sale : (80%)
SOFT-CAP : 983.733 €
HARD-CAP : 71.400.000 €
Accepted Currencies : ETH,BTC,LTC,BCH,XRP, FIAT
Minimum Investment : 5000 TOKENS

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