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About CryptoSouk
Cryptosouk is done because there are many wholesalers and investors in Middle Eastern countries who expect a higher level of customer service and are not interested in better details of private key prisoners.

CryptoSouk will create a more sustainable and efficient platform / solution. This platform will be associated with a strong understanding of the financial exchange ecosystem – a place where many newcomers lack expertise.

We have gathered teams that include forex and regional trade experience, as well as technology experts and security experts who can provide unique Arab opportunities.

Our vision is to create the next Digital Asset Generation for traders of all skill levels to ensure the availability of digital currencies for all. We strive to expand our clients’ trading experience through fast trading, reasonable prices, world-class customer service, endless improvement and unlimited creativity.

Build the next generation of Digital Asset Exchange for traders of all skill levels with the aim of making digital currency trading accessible to everyone. We strive to enhance our clients’ trading experience through fast trading, reasonable prices, world class customer service, endless improvement, and unlimited creativity.

CryptoSouk is a leading trading and financial company. We create the best digital asset exchanges that meet the needs of professional traders and digital currency experts. We strive to ensure that trading in digital currencies is accessible, fast and fully secure.

CryptoSouk has launched the ST Vincent & the Grenadines and Kuwait cryptocurrency trading platform. The exchange will be launched in the early third quarter of 2018 with trading partners supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Zcash and Monero. The company plans to continue to add trade support for additional crypto assets that are believed to exceed the minimum duration. Our exchange also allows you to load accounts with payments for cryptocurrency or Fiat. Based on the expertise of the founding team, we have chosen partners to help us provide exchange platforms, liquidity on our exchanges and various financing options.

We assume that we will continue to grow in this region because of the following competition factors. First, we think it can be very important to trade Fiat currencies as cheaply as possible and use them as dinars, dirhams, riyals, and real dollars. As a result, we plan to invest in tools and partners that can help us reduce these costs and make Fiat’s financing or redemption cheaper and easier. Second, while not all crypto assets must be registered on our stock exchange, various partnerships and crypto trading assets will be important factors that will be seen by customers choosing the preferred market.


In the Middle East, buying, selling, maintaining and trading cryptocurrency is very difficult. We believe that implementing a variety of new ideas and ideas for decentralized exchanges will help solve this problem.

However, we believe that traders and investors are most actively looking for a higher touch, and more user-friendly trading partners are better suited to their current participation expectations in the financial markets. Our clients also want to know that there are local people in the area who they can reach who speak their language and understand their habits.

That is why countries in the Middle East now have big business opportunities. In addition, the legal potential of this part of the world is perfect for implementing Blockchain technology.

For this year, we have seen the launch of several exchanges aimed at handling the capital of players in the Middle East. They face the same problem that has no solution.

First, the population starts to withdraw funds frequently from Fiat accounts. Banks are forced to take extreme measures, including blocking transactions, because the banking system begins to overcome these cash flows.

Second, credit card transactions have been adjusted. People started taking lots of loans to make capital on Kryptonite. This is worrying about bank management, since the kryptonite regulation, there is even no legal term, if the case goes to court.

The third problem is the low liquidity of modern trading platforms and kryptom currencies. In the Middle East, a large number of potential investors in Kryptom currencies are concentrated, who are willing to invest large amounts of money, but because of problems, be very careful.


From ST Vincent and the Grenadines and Kuwait, CryptoSouk has launched the cryptocurrency trading platform. In the early third quarter of 2018, exchanges with commercial partners that support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Zcash, and Monero will begin. The platform expects to continue to increase commercial support for additional cryptographic assets that the company feels exceeds certain minimum due diligence requirements. Exchange also allows accounts to be billed by payment of cryptocurrency or fiat. Based on the experience of the founding team, we chose to help us offer trading platforms, liquidity, and various financing options.

We also have the confidence to continue to grow in this region, in the following competitive factors. We first thought of the ability to use fiat currencies for transfers from inside and out as cheaply as possible and as original to dinars, dirhams, riyals and dollars. For this purpose, we plan to invest in tools and partners that will help us reduce and make financing or bailout fiat cheap and easy.

Second, we believe that, while not all cryptographic assets are useful in our exchanges, the diversity of trading pairs will be an important factor that customers will consider when trying to choose the desired trade. Third, we believe that the superior touch of customer service is very important in this region, so we plan to invest in customer service. Service to provide a more humane touch to scale while making it very efficient and cost effective. Last but not least, knowledge of relevant KYC / AML documentation will play a key role in providing a unique user experience and friction.

Our marketing plan is to employ regional expertise in managing unique and localized digital marketing, the most optimized content across channels, and to focus on Arabic language education because sending simple yet effective content is still scarce. Our appreciation for the high Arab context community will greatly contribute to our mission to create meaningful and committed communities that form the backbone of any cryptographic product, project or business.

Reliability is combined with many broad functions. Enjoy the best digital asset exchange that focuses on the needs of inexperienced traders, professional traders and digital currency experts. We strive to make digital currency trading accessible, fast and completely safe.



Multiple views, including price charts, depth charts, order books, and the latest quotation markers


58 indicators are available including linear regression curves, moving averages and oscillators


The ability to draw custom trendlines, forks and more than just scale and move with graphics


The ability to adjust the color and style of bars, borders, highlights, price lines, backgrounds, and grids

CryptoSouk technology also focuses on the global market, it has major market players, local excellence and competitive technological advantages. Specifically, the speed of transaction processing, the best business features, and security features.

Token information

  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Token name: Souk
  • Token Ticker: Souk
  • Token price: @ $ 0.50
  • Sales in advance: $ 0.375
  • 25% discount
  • Soft Stamp – $ 1 Million
  • start date – 9 July 2018
  • Duration – 30 days
  • Hard Cap – $ 11 million
  • Start date is August 22, 2018.
  • Duration – 30 days

Token distribution

Exchange CryptoSouk has chosen a strategy for resource-based development in the form of broad relations in the Arab world, which, as is known, has a significant money supply from the world. At the same time, the capital is waiting for the launch of such a solution. Because it really resolves their problems. This provides an important reason to believe that the ICO will succeed and end earlier than planned. Before the Pre-ICO begins, there are seven more days.





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