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The cryptocurrency market seems to be growing in popularity every day. With the astronomical rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, there seems to be an influx of people into the market. Many cryptocurrency exchanges cannot even afford to have their account creation feature open all the time. Such is the demand for entry into the market that trading account creation for new customers is periodically disabled. The average daily trading volume of the market is usually in trillions of dollars. The total market cap of the entire market stands at more than half a trillion dollars which is an astonishing feat considering the market is less than a decade old.

However, despite all of these large numbers, there are a number of major problems that plague the market. To use these numbers solely as an appraisal index of the state of the market would present a false narrative. There are structural and functional issues that affect the market. These problems stem from a variety of reasons such as the infant nature of the market, lack of understanding of the cryptocurrency space, and some peculiar economics of cryptocurrencies

In the world of cryptocurrency, exchange plays a major role. Exchange is one way to give people the ability to trade their currency and provide cash. Liquidity is directly related to human appeal. To understand what exchanges can do and how it works to attract people to cryptography, we need to improve all these advantages to make cryptography better.


The Next generation digital asset exchange for traders of every skill level, making digital currency trading accessible to everyone. It’ll focuse on the needs of novice traders, professional traders and digital currency experts.

CRYPTOSOUK is another cryptocurrency exchange with an attention on making a network that cooperates to make the market more secure and less demanding

The following are some of the major problems in the cryptocurrency exchange.

PRICE MANIPULATION: By far the biggest issue in the cryptocurrency market is the excessive volatility. The prices of cryptocurrencies on exchange platforms rise and fall dramatically over a short period of time. When a tradable asset can drop by as much as 49 percent in less than 24 hours, then the volatility of the market is high. There are a number of reasons that contribute to the excessive volatility in the market but perhaps the biggest contributor is the activities of “whales.”

PUMP AND DUMP ICO SCHEME: ICOs have emerged to become an integral part of the cryptocurrency market. Many tokens are introduced to the market via ICOs with investors buying these tokens in exchange for fiat money. Pump and dump ICO schemes continue to be a problem for the market due to the lack of regulation.

THE ACTIVITIES OF CYBERCRIMINERS: The cryptocurrency market has right from its inception been beset by the activities of hackers and cybercriminals. There have been a number of high-profile cryptocurrency hacks and heists that have resulted in millions of dollars being stolen. Traders and investors have lost funds and some platforms have ceased to operate. In the aftermath of these hacks, the price of particular cryptocurrencies has dropped considerably.

TRANSACTIONS DELAY: The cryptocurrency market is plagued with a litany of delays across almost every type of transaction. From opening a trading account to verifying your identity and being able to make deposits and withdrawals, the system seems to be quite slow. Blockchain technology ought to make transactions occur faster but it seems to take forever for transactions to be approved on the various chains.


CryptoSouk’s marketing plan is to make use of regional experience by directing localized unique digital marketing content through optimized channels and simple and effective content delivery among today Because there is not much, it is to focus on Arabic education

The CryptoSouk Referrals program is designed to cause virus growth and is particularly attractive to both clients who can use inner circles and influencers that can advertise CryptoSouk using high profile social media accounts.

CryptoSouk has a simple and highly informative referral system. Each user with an account of CryptoSouk.Exchange has its own reference code that can be shared with other users. If another user signs up using this referral code, the referee can receive 50% of the transaction fee paid for the whole year’s introduction.

Crypto Souk technology emphasizes simplicity, security, and reliability and supports rich features. CryptoSouk is an excellent trading and financial technology company at the top of the line trade UI. They are focused on professional traders and digital needs and built the best digital asset exchange Currency expert. crypto souk is dedicated to making digital currency trading accessible quickly and fully It is safe.

CryptoSouk Features

Native Charting Enterprise matching engine with execution ability of 1 Million transactions per second Advanced APIs to access or provide liquidity to others 20+ order options including but not limited to; FILL or KILL, IOC, STOP, LIMIT. Multiple integration ability for KYC/AML, Banking/PSPs Institutional Grade Security combined Cold/Warm/Hot Wallet rule based systems Interoperability with Traditional and DLT infrastructure,

They promise to Start the exchange Early in the third quarter of 2018, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Zcash and Monero. The Company plan to continue to add transaction support for additional crypto assets, I feel that the company exceeds the minimum amount of certain hard work.


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I trust that some day CRYPTOSOUK will be at the top of cryptocurrencies exchanges, it sure going to be an amazing project!

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