CRYPTO SOUK (Future Digital Asset Exchange Platform)

Reliability combined with rich features.
Enjoy the best digital asset exchange, focusing on the needs of novice traders, professional traders and digital money specialists. We are committed to making digital currency transactions accessible, fast and completely secure.
Buying, selling, holding and trading electronic money is hard. We are very excited about the new decentralized exchange ideas being developed, but they are often lacking in liquidity and creating markets. However, in the Middle East, we think that more active investors and investors are seeking a higher and easier contact to use a trading partner that is more in line with current expectations.
They when entering the financial market. Our clients also want to know that there are local people in the area where they can reach out to people who speak their language and understand their customs.
The electronic money exchange market is growing at an extremely high rate. One of our competitors, Binance, announced that they have bought over 250,000 new customers in a single day. Coinbase has more than 20 million accounts and 52 million codes are under management since May 2018.2.
To generate over $ 1 billion in annual fees according to Bloomberg analysis on the market. 3 Simply put, the size of the entire electronic money market is growing exponentially with strong signs. of the basic expected basic rate.4 The opportunity to trade around the world to gain market share in a fast-moving market is hard to underestimate.
CryptoSouk launched a trading platform electronic money Vincent & Grenadines from ST and Kuwait. The exchange will be launched in early Q3 2018 with trading pairs supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Zcash and Monero. The company plans to continue adding transactional support for additional encryption assets that the company feels beyond a certain minimum.
Our exchange also allows you to download your account by electronic money or fiat payment. Based on the founders’ expertise, we chose our partner to help us provide both our trading platform and our range of funding options.
We believe we will be able to continue to grow in the region based on the following competitive factors. First we thought that it was possible to transfer fiat currency into and out as cheaply as possible and originated from Dinars, Dirhams, Riyals and Dollars as possible. To achieve that goal, we plan to invest in tools and partners that can help us reduce costs and make cheap or easy fiat purchases.
Second, we believe that, although not all of the cryptographic assets deserve to be listed on our trading floor, that the variety of trading pairs and ciphers will be one. Important factors that customers will consider when they choose priority exchanges.
Tuesday, We believe that higher touch customer service is very important in this area so we intend to invest in customer service so that we can provide more human touch on the scale while doing Effective and profitable. Last but not least, teams that have localized knowledge of KYC / AML related material will play an important role in providing a unique and frictionless user experience.
The Referrals CryptoSouk program is designed to create the evolution of viruses and is particularly attractive to both of our customers who can use their inner circle and the Influencers can use the resources. Their premium social media to promote CryptoSouk. CryptoSouk has a simple and very useful introduction system.
Each user who has an account on CryptoSouk.Exchange will have their unique referral code that can be shared with others. When another user registers using this referral code, the referee will receive 50% of the transaction fee paid by their referral throughout the year. For example, User A shares their introductory code with User B. User B enters the user’s introductory code A when creating a new account.
During the year starting on the creation of User B’s account,
CryptoSouk Exchange reserves the right to make any changes to the complete terminal of the referral program at any stage without prior notice.
We plan to use our token to reward our original supporters. Purchasers of SOUK utility tokens will receive a discount on transaction fees and other costs if paid with a SOK Token. Furthermore, we intend to redeem these tokens in the market with a portion of our profits when we make a profit. We think these incentives and rewards match the company with our early supporters and customers.
We plan to use our token as a modus operandi for valuable password asset projects to pay inexpensive fees for our listing fees. We are subject to a number of costs depending on the nature of the underlying encryption asset and the different charges depending on the level of similarity or differentity of each content from the blockchain protocol perspective.
However, we also believe that the listing of deserving projects should not be an excessive profit center as it is of people’s interest to see them available to our customers with improved liquidity. . Furthermore, we also expect the upcoming security token wave and are taking steps to prepare our platform from a legal standpoint.
We have selected Malta for our [parent company] and our ICO due to the provisions of the forwarding token of that country and members of the European Union. We are also pursuing a trading license at the Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM), which has offices in Kuwait, our operations are generally held.
Our current licensing status pending the final release of the regulatory framework for ADGM under the OCAB (Active Asset Encryption) and the recent finalization of the Virtual Financial Asset Act Malta. We believe that regulatory certainty will become a more important part of the decision on which exchange clients will entrust their encrypted assets.
Our technology is aimed at simplicity, security and reliability to support a wide range of features. Leading Transactional User Interface – CryptoSouk is a leading trading and financial technology company. We have built the best digital content exchange by focusing on the needs of professional traders and digital currency professionals.
We are committed to making digital currency transactions accessible, fast and completely secure. • Integration capabilities for KYC / AML, Bank / PSP • More than 20 order options including but not limited to; FILL or KILL, IOC, STOP, LIMIT, etc.
Type of Token
ERC20 Token
Token Ticker
Token Price
@ $ 0.50
$ 0.30
Soft Cap Discount – $ 1 Million
Release Date – July 9, 2018
Duration – 30 Days
$ 0.5 Main Sale
Hard Hat – $ 11 million
Release Date – August 22, 2018
Duration – 30 days
Team And Advisors
David Dubrulle
Co-founder and CEO
A businessman with 20 years experience across Europe and the Middle East with expertise in Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Investment Advisors, Capital Market Guarantee and Corporate Investment Planning.
Gene Hoffman
Co-founder, Member of the Board
Experienced businessman and former NASDAQ CEO. Currently serving as an advisor for Chia Network, as well as temporary board and CTO for
Richard D’Souza
Operations Manager
Richard spent 10 years as CEO with one of Kuwait’s leading financial services companies. He has a total of 21 years of experience working in the Sales / Operations Department and established two financial services companies in Kuwait.
Basil Abusaada
Customer Support
Basil is currently the CEO at JM Financial Brokerage Services Co. Kuwait, where he has been working since 2016. Basil has excellent customer service, sales and communication skills.
Rob Viglione
One of ZenCash’s founders and president of the Zen Blockchain Foundation. His expertise includes the frontiers of blockchain technology and cryptoeconomics, and is an industry leader and a proponent of blockchain selection and community startup efforts.
Andrew Bates
International Private Banking has over 26 years of experience in six continents consulting on asset management, asset management, lending and business platform, along with the building and operation of teams. High performance
Morten Christensen
Morten Mortgage Advisor has been involved in all kinds of electronic money since early 2013, or as a trader, exploit or launch another Crypto launch. His latest venture,, has given him the opportunity to work with over 30 previous ICO phases.
Marco Calicchia
Marco is the CEO and founder of MaZee, the leading ICO community marketing and communications agency. He is an ICO consultant and Blockchain has experience with over 25 ICO portfolio, including clients such as Experty, Remme and Open Platform.
Valtteri Serimaa
Valtteri founded and Digital Assets Ltd., an online marketing company for ICO. Before entering the cryptographic space, Valtteri has managed various online marketing agents.
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