Crypto Wine Exchange Aims At building A Wine Trading Platform

Quality wine is one of the most profitable investment assets. The demand to invest in it grows significantly. However, the wine trading platform is currently complicated and has high processing costs.

The CWEX exchange aims to build a wine trading platform that is easy to use and easy to use. Supported by its partner, Swiss-based DotChain GmbH, it guarantees investment anonymity and security by providing blockchain-based ownership certification for each bottle of wine traded on the trading platform.

The CWEX project aims to address current challenges, which affect the wine trade industry and cryptocurrency market, by providing exclusive solutions. This can increase trading options on the good wine market and act as a meeting point for wine traders and crypto currency owners.


Automatic fine wine trade

We provide opportunities for wine traders and cryptocurrency homeowners to trade together for prime time during the immediate market atmosphere on a very world scale.

Smooth and easy trading

Trade with the quality of your beloved real world on a world scale without any legal or procedural obstacles.

Reliable investment returns

Invest your digital ownership in assets, which are stable and guarantee short and long term returns.

Anonymity and security in trade

We ensure the absence of name and investment security through the blockchain system which is mostly based on ownership certification.

Principle of operation

The CWEX platform will unite owners of virtual currencies with the wine market, while simplifying not only the process of trading itself, but also the process of storing goods. Two companies will be responsible for the operation of this site: DotChain GmbH and CWEX from Hong Kong. The first will verify the authenticity of each bottle of wine and record data about it in the Blockchain, and the second will provide an opportunity to trade this wine. During the registration process, traders must insure all goods against natural disasters and fraud, as well as provide evidence of the proper quality of wine storage. Due to this, only high-quality collection wine will be sold at the CWEX site, which is protected from the risks of loss of investment.

Your trading cycle on the platform is performed in these five simple steps:

Bid or offer

As a registered trader, you can place a bid or offer for a selected fine wine.

Trade matched

Once your bid or offer is matched, you are notified of the successful trade.

CWEX in partnership with DotChain GmbH secures the wine

CWEX in partnership with the Swiss-based company, DotChain GmbH secures the asset, meets all the compliance requirements and insures your asset.

Blockchain-based ownership certification is transferred to the buyer, You receive the blockchain-based ownership certification on your account, as the guarantee of the bottle´s authenticity and the investment value.

Three options available to the certificate owner

As the certificate owner, you have three options – your ownership certification can be traded on the platform, held for the price appreciation or fulfilled it in the physical wine delivery.

ICO detail:

Pre-ICO & Values

CWEX token is built on the EOS platform. Its benefits are a strong ecosystem, easy integration with third-party smart contracts and applications, as well as with EOS standard wallets and exchanges.

Pre-ICO – 15 December, 2018 to 09 January, 2019

Number of tokens for sale – 55,180,000 (62%)

ICO – 10 January, 2019 to 21 March, 2019

Tokens exchange rate – 00.16$

Acceptable currencies – EOS, ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, NEO, ZEC, XMR, USDT

Minimal transaction amount – 50USD


Token name: CWEX – Crypto Wine Exchange

Compatibility: EOS

Instant token delivery: Yes for EOS

Total supply (100%): 89,000,000

Sale supply (62%): 55,180,000

CWEX team, future stakeholders, community and user growth (38 %): 33,820,000

Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 10,000,000 USD

Purchase limits: Max. (Personal cap) 100,000 USD

Unsold tokens: Burned

Exchange rate for token sale in pre-ICO (20% bonus): 00.16$

Exchange rate for token sale in ICO: 00.20$

Pre-sale period (pre-ICO): 15 December, 2018 to 09 January, 2019

Sale period (ICO): 10 January, 2019 to 21 March, 2019



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