The world is a home for travelers. The joy and thrill of travelling is something which we all have experienced visiting our favourite place on the earth. The journey itself is an experience. Many travel solo to enjoy their trip or as some like to call it a path of self-discovery. Many new technologies have tried to bring the hotels onto our mobile screen.

Making a community driven website is also the option many have tried, where you share your experience about the place you have stayed and someone may find relevant to use on his next trip to that place. We can all recall our own experiences when we are deep into the choices of selecting itineraries of our travel. It is a kind of different game for making a preparation for the travelling. Don’t you think something innovative could be achieved in the current market of short-term rental to enhance the experience of the travellers?


CryptoBnB is offering something we can’t refuse. A platform for selecting the best places to stay by paying through cryptocurrency. Not only that, It’s AI-based search engines produces the results, which are according to the user preferences.

The Blockchain –encrypted data is the repository of the wealth of information about the different kind of services the CryptoBnB will be offering. The technology behind the platform is the combination of Blockchain, Big Data, AI and machine learning. Their Unique CRYPTODNA is an intelligent DNA based on the AI and Big Data.


To convert their idea into a fully developed application, they are conducting an ICO. 1 billion CBnBs are created in which 60% is distributed for the ICO. One ETH is equal to the 3000 CBnBs. The token is ERC-20 Standard.

The funds will be utilised for the development and marketing activities of the platform. The team behind the platform believes in the power of modern technology to bring the solution in the Short-term rental and hospitality industry.

? ICO & Coin Offering
Support the development of the next-generation short-term rental market
through technology that forever revolutionizes the hospitality industry by integrating cryptology that will serve the industry. CryptoBnB participants will receive CryptoBnB tokens, which will benefit them in the short and long term.

?Token Specs

  • Total CKey Tokens: 1 billion
  • 1 CKey = $0.08
  • Bonus Token on Sched published
  • HardCap: $15.2 million
  • Minimum Cap: $5 million
  • Minimum Purchase: $75 (0.1 ETH)
  • CKey Token: ERC20
  • Participant wallets must be ETH ERC20 compatible
    Token Dispatch and Listing
  • Participants will register on the (no other website or mechanism is promoted).
  • After filling out the KYC form, the CryptoBnB team will vet all applicants. The team will notify of
    an approval or rejection with the ETH wallet address.
  • Upon successful ETH transfer, a notification will be sent to the applicant.
  • Allocated tokens will be transferred to the applicant’s wallet in no more than one week.
  • Tokens will be listed in major exchanges within one to two months from the token’s dispatch
    Distribusi Token Ckey 1_JJbH7lB7BMsmHsAwaEYryw.png

?All funds received from the ICO will be used to develop the platform platform CryptoBnB.

  • 15% Team Blockchain: a set of the best talents to support the competitive advantage of CryptoBnB, and
    develop new products and services.
  • 20% Marketing and sales: Rapid increase in market share; improve the acquisition of users and
  • 15 percent support for multiple platforms: the cost of servers and customer service, so the client iOS, Android and WebApp
    applications work without failures and guarantee users access to CryptoBnB from anywhere.
  • 10% Administration and operations: CryptoBnB will make every effort to ensure the safety of all users,
    cryptoactive assets aimed at achieving an audit of the level of the banking industry and compliance with security requirements.
  • 5% Development Fund, Strategic Partnership
  • 5% Legal issues: Legal compliance is the key to the long-term success of CryptoBnB.
  • 5% Security and error
  • 25% reserve account
  • Website : :
  • My BitcoinTalk Profile:;u=1542824

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