CryptoBnB – A Blockchain Based Market And Hospitality Services For Short Term Rental


The main aim of CryptoBnB is to give a better experience of rental services. The three pillars behind making CryptoBnB a huge success is Blockchain Technology, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence. These services help in searching the users as well as to boost up the search results.

In this way, the users can get their hands on the perfect rental that matches to their level of expectation.

CryptoDNA is another powerful weapon behind CryptoBnB. CrytpDNA is more like a service that helps in providing an experience that benefits everyone. It includes:

  • No occupant judgment
  • Ratings of Properties that are verified and completely trustworthy.
  • Advanced search experiences lifting up better choices.

The basic strategies that CryptoBnB looks forward to following are: The landlords are eligible to accept all kinds of cryptocurrencies for the different bookings made and apart from that, it also provides the open opportunities to the guests to get the rental services as per their choice that depends on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Breakthrough Technology Carried By CryptoBnB

  • The identity of the user to solve a false claim
  • Trust-based voting and rating system to let users know their peer rankings
  • A self-learning smart wallet that captures user preferences
  • 0% commission fee
  • P2P smart contract and without middleman
  • P2P marketing uses AI logic
  • Address the limitations of micro-transaction networks on blockchain and IPFS intregration to manage them

Features Owned By CryptoBnB

  • Smart search engine – The first search engine connected with blockchain that utilizes AI and large data to ensure optimum & bespoke search results. Combining user preferences, transaction history and data from search, travelers tailored to the ideal list.
  • P2P Marketing – The first P2P marketing mechanism uses AI data stored in blockchain to provide enhanced ROI and better targeted campaigns for hosts.
  • CryptoDnA® Smart Wallet – The essence of the platform is the technological power behind intelligent search engines and smart contracts.

CryptoBnB ICO

Participants will be invited to support the development of next-generation short-term rental markets through technologies that will revolutionize the hospitality industry forever by integrating crypto technology that will serve the industry.CryptoBnB participants will get CryptoBnB tokens that will benefit them in the short and long term.

Details Of Token Sales

Token Sales Schedule: 13  February 2018

Purchase Token: Ethereum

Price Token: 1 CKey = $0,08

Bonus: 10% – 50%

Total Supply Token: CKey

The Final Verdict

One of the major shortcomings in the rental services come because of the short-term rental services. It becomes immensely important to wipe off such concerns and for the same CryptoBnB does the needful. If you are looking forward to making an investment in the right place, CryptoBnB has surely got your back.


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