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According to a survey conducted by an online marketplace, namely, HomeAway, for vacation rentals, listings have increased 44 percent in the year 2018, since 2009. The short-term home rental market has developed as one of the most attractive and money yielding segments in the real estate and property management sector. There are many factors responsible for such growth spurt, some of them are altering market share, from the existing hospitality industry to individual property owners. These factors have lead to more acceptance each year by both hosts and travelers.
Today’s marketplace is facing some major challenges, for some of them being high fees up to 25 percent of the transaction, fraudulent transactions and scams of properties, inefficient search engines, and fraudulent reviews. Many of these issues are rooted in the infrastructure of centralized systems, especially higher fees that tend to serve platform owners while users of the platform suffer from lower ROI. These factors make the scale imbalanced for a sustainable economy.

CryptoBnB is creating the next generation of short-term rental and tenant smart matching marketplace, developed online. This novice marketplace envisions improvement on the prevailing manifestations available to travelers, by offering easy searches, lower fees, and improved flexibility, by using the superb duo of blockchain and smart contracts with the power of AI and Big data. They make it easy to explore the desired accommodation, in the most efficient way. This new technology of blockchain allows peer to peer transaction of renting a property to be done securely. Also, it enables a smarter intelligent way of directed P2P marketing between hosts and travelers, simultaneously, boosting the ROI for hosts.

CryptoBnB’s aim is to balance the two-sided market between users, enhancing mutual benefit. CryptoBnB will resolve forgeries in transactions by a sound process and technology. In compilation, this platform will generate an intelligent hospitality service marketplace which will benefit property owners and travelers. It will provide more accurate matches between travelers and properties. The platform aims to develop the ROI for hosts and service providers through right matchmaking to the right traveler. The CryptoBnB team has designed a road map to build the technology, depending on some existing tools and technologies in the market. Also, it will deliver the platform in a final working stage in 14–16 months.

Why CyptoBnB?

  1. It supports user identity by enabling the ‘fingerprints’ feature to resolve fraudulent claims.
  2. It has developed a trust-based voting and rating system to allow users to know their peers’ ratings.
  3. It has the features of self-learning smart wallet that prefixes user preferences.
  4. It eliminates the role of middlemen by using P2P smart contracts.
  5. This platform also addresses network limitations of micro transactions on the blockchain and use IPFS to handle it.

Ckey token:
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Token name: CKey
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Total CKey Tokens: 1 billion
1 CKey=$ 0.08
Salient Features:
-Token Sale to run for 90 days
-HardCap is $15.2 Million
-Minimum Cap $1.5Million
-Minimum Purchase is $75 (0.1 ETH)
-Participants wallets must be ETH ERC20 compatible
-Tokens are bound to USD for the sale, as ETH it oscillates the amount of tokens received changes not the price of the tokens.
It is first search engine linked to blockchain that relies on AI and big data in the block assuring optimum & bespoke search results. It is the first platform to take such an initiative. It will soon conquer the market.

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