Indeed, the world of commerce is very profitable what else we terjuan in the world market or a market which is a place where merchants meet with a buyer who will later on sale and purchase transactions. OK hopefully all friends are given health in seeking riszki. I will here explain the CryptoBnB Platform whose content is about the world of peasar. Understanding the market that I will discuss below offers good efficiency.
Here the CryptoBnB Platform aims to build the next market that is technologically online. With this new market that will improve the existing options and also provide for tourists by offering more efficiency on the search. with a 0% commission with lower network costs and has more flexibility as stable by using smartblockchain.
This new technology has an efficient way, The new blockchain technology brings a trust-based system built on selective voting systems to allow platform users to know more about their peers. In addition, the technology will enable peer-to-peer transactions to securely rent properties at no additional cost to an escrow service. This technology also enables smart savvy to drive P2P (peer-to-peer) marketing between hosts and travelers, while increasing ROI (return on investment) for the host.
The online online hotel market and short-term vacation rentals will allow travelers and residents to enter the residential market that suits their budget and accommodation needs worldwide while increasing the trust between homeowners and residents. The AI algorithm, combined with blockchain on the platform, will result in an accurate match between homeowners and short-term tenants, with minimal transaction costs. This next generation market will allow homeowners and residents to immediately make secure payments using tokens, without a global obstacle
Viewed from the other side CryptoBnB’s main goal is to balance the two-sided market between users so that all can benefit and everything works. CryptoBnB will also complete fraudulent transactions with robust and accurate processes and technologies. CryptoBnB will use the CryptoDNA protocol which will be the first to combine the power of three blockchain and smart contracts, artificial intelligence, and large data. It will generate an intelligent hospitality market service that benefits both property owners and travelers by providing a more accurate match between travelers and property.
The platform will be supported by CryptoDNA patent-pending technology that aims to address the following:
The identity of the user to resolve the false claim
Trust-based voting and rating system to enable users to know their peer rankings
Smart self-study wallet capturing user preferences 0 percent commission
P2P smart contract and no middleman
P2P marketing uses AI logic
Addressing the limitations of micro-transaction networks on blockchain and using IPFS (InterPlanetary File System)
CryptoBnB Platform has also prepared Strategy and Routes to Market that will be taken:
CryptoBnB has two strategies related to project maturity.
During ICO: CryptoBnB will allocate 15 percent of its tokens to an escrow account that will reward all hosts and service providers registered on AirBnB. The list will depend on the rankings with a good attitude. The remaining tokens will be provided to these hosts and service providers based on voting and ranking systems.
ICO Post: The route to the market strategy will target five major cities in two to three years. The first year after launch will focus on all teething problems in one city and then expand to four other cities.
Detail Token
Total CKey Token: 1 billion
1 CKey = $ 0.08
Bonus Token on Sched published
HardCap: $ 15.2 million
Minimum Cap: $ 5 million
Minimum Purchase: $ 75 (0.1 ETH)
CKey Token: ERC20
The participant wallet must be compatible with ETH ERC20
Token Dispatch and Listings
Participants will register at (no other sites or mechanisms are promoted).
After filling out the KYC form, the CryptoBnB team will check all applicants. The team will notify you of approval or rejection with the ETH wallet address.
After successful ETH transfer, the notification will be sent to the applicant.
The allocated proof will be transferred to the applicant’s wallet no later than one week.
Tokens will be listed on the primary exchange within one to two months from the date token delivery.
Indeed, in an increasingly sophisticated era, more competition, along with the CryptoBnB Platform above, explain a lot of breakthroughs in trade for profit, the CryptoBnB Platform also has a clear purpose and has planned a strategy in the project. All of that thanks to the brilliant ideas in the TIM consisting of some very experienced people. Therefore we hope you and the investors immediately join and join the CryptoBnB Platform. Enough until here my explanation, I say a lot of Trimakasih.
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