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do you like holiday to somewhere? and are you often confused if you want to take a vacation? I have good news for you that make your holiday easy.What that ? The name is CryptoBnB, with the token name is CKEY. I will give a litte explanation to about CryptoBnB.
What is CyptoBnB ?
CryptoBnB is Vacation rentals platform powered by CryptoDNA® based Blockchain technology. your vacation will easy with cryptoBnB,because cryptoBnB the revolutionary platform is influenced by CryptoBnB advisors from and
COME ON INVEST NOW, AND MAKE YOUR VACATION EASY,with CryptoBnB you can Invest and get benefits from it. CryptoBnB powered by blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data promises to deliver smart machine learning user’s wallets to enhance their search results and improve property turnarounds.
Technology Breakthrough of CryptoBnB

*. CryptoBnB has User identity to solve fraudulent claims.
*. CryptoBanB Trust-based voting, and rating system to allow users to know their peers’ ratings
*. CryptoBnB is, Self-learning smart wallet that captures preference of user
*. has 0% commission
*. CryptoBnB has P2P smart contracts and no middlemen
*. CrytoBnB has P2P marketing using AI logic
*.  address network limitations of micro transactions on the blockchain and use IPFS to handle that

Intelligent search engine

CryptoBnB is combines user preferences, transaction history and learns from searches to match suitable rental options with travellers. First search engine linked to blockchain that relies on AI and big data in the block assuring optimum & bespoke search results..
CryptoDNA® Smart Wallet
CryptoDNA wallet is the heart of the platform that energizes its intelligent search engines and smartcontracts of CyrptoBnB
P2P Marketing
On CryptoBnB,First P2P marketing mechanism based on AI data stored in the block. This will ensure better ROI and better targeted campaigns for hosts.
Total CKey Tokens (1 billion)
1 CKey ($ 0.08)
Token Sale ( 90 days)
HardCap is ($15.2 Million)
Minimum Cap ($1.5Million)
Minimum Purchase  (75 (0.1 ETH))
CKey token ( ERC20)
Participants wallets must be ETH ERC20 compatible
Tokens are bound to USD for the sale, as ETH fluctuates the amount of tokens received changes not the price of the tokens.
Tariq Alwahedi,Meet the founder / CEO
Mohamed Waqas,Marketing Manager
Aleksey Mikhalev,Legal Advisor
Sergei Illarionov,,Software Engineer
Saira Mondal,Software Engineer
Galina Mikova,Technical Writer
Denys Kurganskyi,Platform Developer
Christopher Barber,Lead Blockchain Engineer
Mo Hamdouna,CO marketing advisor Mo Works Creative Director
Juan Otero, Management Team.
Warren Whitlock,Advisor Influencer Architect, Top 10 Social Media Influencer
Qamar Zia,Blockchain Researcher & Advisor

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