CryptoBnB: step closer to finding your perfect home.

CryptoBnB is a revolutionary platform that offers the best experience in choosing the best and hospitable housing system. CryptoBnB platform provides good housing scheme for online sales, short-term rentals and smart tenant matches thereby encouraging choosing of houses.  CryptoBnB operate based on blockchain technology offers more accommodation options, with 0% commission, lower network costs and better integrity than other similar platforms. CryptoBnB will try to address the technology gap in the current short-term lease platform with blockchain technology.

In other words, CryptoBnB is a vacation rentals marketplace built to improve short-term rental experiences for hosts, guests and service providers worldwide. CryptoBnB operate based on advanced blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and big data on the already functioning short-term rental model. CryptoBnB will build a smart platform that serves a growing market segment. The platform will develop tools that will make the market grow in a more transparent, user-friendly manner. CryptoBnB participants will be awarded CryptoBnB tokens that will benefit them on a short-term and long-term basis.

CryptoBnB Business Model aims to harmonize the economic benefits for all of its users in the following ways:

= 0% commission — Assessing the current business model will show that this platform imposes substantial costs that can be broken down as follows: Market fees from 3% -15% Credit card or bank charges from 1.7% -4.5% Forex costs (foreign exchange) if using non-US dollar currency from 1% -3%

= Hidden Fees — Similar platforms charge hidden fees such as cleaning fees that can reach 70 percent of the daily rental fee. CryptoBnB will have a market attached to it where users can choose the cheapest service they like, assuming they decide not to do it themselves.

= Arbitration — CryptoBnB’s main goal is to create as many possible dispute opportunities as possible. However, disputes are inevitable, so there is a center for Arbitration Resolutions.


CryptoBnB will allocate a 15 percent token to an escrow account that will reward all hosts and service providers registered with AirBnB. The list will depend on the rankings with a good attitude. The remaining tokens will be provided to these hosts and service providers based on voting and ranking systems. The route to the market strategy will target five major cities in two to three years. The first year after launch will focus on all teething problems in one city and then expand to four other cities. Projections are made to target 1% -2% of the total market volume in two and three years. It is estimated that the total short-term rental market is $ 100 billion with growth of 12% -15% from year to year.


CryptoBnB will be hosted on the Web and on mobile devices through native apps. This platform will use P2P smart contracts to perform transactions on the backend. The platform will be supported by blockchain and will use the CKey token for service exchange. Although the platform will have the same look and feel as the existing short-term home rental platform, the backend will be supported by the CryptoDNA protocol. The results generated by the CryptoBnB platform will be superior to the results provided by the current platform. A powerful search engine powered AI supported by CryptoBnB, will access blockchain encrypted data from its users.

CryptoDNA® Smart Wallet

Self-Learning Wallet Using AI Data and Big (Large)

AI and large data combined with smart contracts will create CryptoDNA, which will power the intelligent search engine platform to improve matching between tenants and properties by relying on AI and large data extraction.

The wallet will differentiate the user experience in many ways:

= Traveller — CryptoDNA will record traveler identity, preferences, history, rating, and token balance.

= Host — CryptoDNA will record host identity, property permissions, property details, target preferences, history, ratings, and token balances.

= Service Provider — CryptoDNA will record SP identity, business license information, service details, target preference (host / traveler), history, ratings, and token balance.

CryptoDNA Stage 1: AI, Large Data Integration, and Allowed Block Expansion

SAB block structure

Full IPFS link to blockchain

Cryptographic micro transaction registry in block

Great data integration

AI integration with large data

CryptoDNA Stage 2 — P2P Marketing

Peer-to-peer marketing (P2P) encourages customers to engage other customers by recommending products or services to friends or co-workers. Keywords extracted from CryptoDNA will be used to flag potential peer collaborators and market the platform further.

The power of AI data and large, combined with block permissions allows the platform to help travelers and hosts and enlarge their target market by extracting keywords from public CryptoDNA. Travelers and host will be able to choose their target based on location, shopping habits, social status, and rank.

Security — CryptoBnB will adopt several new technologies within its platform to ensure security:

= CryptoDNA ID verification system

= OpenSSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate for security

= Blockchain has a secure technology


Total CKey Tokens 1 billion

1 CKey=$ 0.08

Token Sale to run for 90 days

HardCap is $15.2 Million

Minimum Cap $1.5Million

Minimum Purchase is $75 (0.1 ETH)

CKey token is ERC20

Participants wallets must be ETH ERC20 compatible

Tokens are bound to USD for the sale, as ETH fluctuates the amount of tokens received changes not the price of the tokens.


Reserve 22,50%

Token ICO 30.00%

Team 7,50%

Founders 20.00%

advisor 2,50%

Bonus Host 10.00%

Bonus SP 5%

Bounties 2,50%


25% Reserve Cost

20% Marketing and Sales

15% Multi-Platform Support

15% Blockchain Team

10% Administration and Operation

5% Development Fund and Strategic Partnership

5% Legal Affairs

5% Security and Bounty Bug

Kind Regards, please join our great project.











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