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The main aim of CryptoBnB is to give a better experience of rental services. The three pillars behind making CryptoBnB a huge success is Blockchain Technology, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence. These services help in searching the users as well as to boost up the search results.

In this way, the users can get their hands on the perfect rental that matches to their level of expectation.

CryptoDNA is another powerful weapon behind CryptoBnB. CrytpDNA is more like a service that helps in providing an experience that benefits everyone. It includes:

  • No occupant judgment
  • Ratings of Properties that are verified and completely trustworthy.
  • Advanced search experiences lifting up better choices.

The basic strategies that CryptoBnB looks forward to following are: The landlords are eligible to accept all kinds of cryptocurrencies for the different bookings made and apart from that, it also provides the open opportunities to the guests to get the rental services as per their choice that depends on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The Current Problem

The main motive behind the creation of CryptoBnB is to wipe off the issues related to the minimal rental problems happening currently. The major sufferings coming from today’s platforms happen mostly because of centralization. This has brought down another set of inefficiencies which are:

  • There is now an urgency to take care of the escrow activities manually.
  • Because of the escrow activities, there has been a lot of illegal exposure.
  • The transactions turn out to be costly and hugely expensive.
  • There is often a lack of transparency which lowers the trust issues.
  • High costs and overhead expenses because of more work.

The Solution

CryptoBnB will initially take the step forward to construct a platform that is smart and understands the segments carefully. With the help of different tools, the market will grow up to become more transparent and friendly with the users.

The set of solution that CryptoBnB brings forward are:

  • Blockchain
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • File System (PFS)

Self-Learning Wallet Using AI Data and Big (Large)

AI and large data combined with smart contracts will create CryptoDNA, which will power the intelligent search engine platform to improve matching between tenants and properties by relying on AI and large data extraction.

The wallet will differentiate the user experience in many ways:

.Traveller — CryptoDNA will record traveler identity, preferences, history, rating, and token balance.

. Host — CryptoDNA will record host identity, property permissions, property details, target preferences, history, ratings, and token balances.

. Service Provider — CryptoDNA will record SP identity, business license information, service details, target preference (host / traveler), history, ratings, and token balance.
CryptoDNA Stage 1: AI, Large Data Integration, and Allowed Block Expansion

SAB block structure
Full IPFS link to blockchain
Cryptographic micro transaction registry in block
Great data integration
AI integration with large data
CryptoDNA Stage 2 — P2P Marketing

Peer-to-peer marketing (P2P) encourages customers to engage other customers by recommending products or services to friends or co-workers. Keywords extracted from CryptoDNA will be used to flag potential peer collaborators and market the platform further.

The power of AI data and large, combined with block permissions allows the platform to help travelers and hosts and enlarge their target market by extracting keywords from public CryptoDNA. Travelers and host will be able to choose their target based on location, shopping habits, social status, and rank.
Security — CryptoBnB will adopt several new technologies within its platform to ensure security:

. CryptoDNA ID verification system

. OpenSSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate for security

. Blockchain has a secure technology
Token Ckey Details

. Total CKey Token: 1 000 000 000

. 1 CKey = $ 0.08

. Bonus Token on Sched published

. HardCap: $ 15,2 juta

. Minimum Cap: $ 5 million

. Minimum Purchase: $ 75 (0.1 ETH)

. CKey Token: ERC20

. The participant wallet must be compatible with ERC20
Token Ckey Distribution

Allocation token ckey

Reserve 22,50%
Token ICO 30.00%
Team 7,50%
Founders 20.00%
advisor 2,50%
Bonus Host 10.00%
Bonus SP 5%
Bounties 2,50%

Use of found

Blockchain Team 15%:
20% Marketing and Sales
Multi-Platform Support 15%
Administration and Operation 10%
Development Fund 5%, Strategic Partnership
5% Legal Affairs
5% Security and Bounty Bug
Reserve Cost 25%

The Final Verdict

One of the major shortcomings in the rental services come because of the short-term rental services. It becomes immensely important to wipe off such concerns and for the same CryptoBnB does the needful. If you are looking forward to making an investment in the right place, CryptoBnB has surely got your back.


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