CryptoBnB Vacation Rentals Platform Powered by CryptoDnA

CryptoBnB is a platform of the holiday rental market was built to improve the experience of short term rental. Powered by blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, great data that promises to bring intelligent machines users wallet to improve their search results and refine the rotation property.

CryptoBnB comes from CryptoDNA ® breakthrough technology. This technology allows zero discrimination tenant, property rankings reliable, verified and a customized search experience. It is designed to increase the ROI of market makers. All of these benefits coupled with a lot of layered security that goes beyond the current market. Paid rental platform powered by CryptoDNA ®-blockchain technology-based trust.

CryptoBnB will handle the three issues that are most important in the short term real estate with a decentralized blockchain platform: ensure the host and reputable travelers, a long time searching for the perfect property and the Commission of the provider height.

CryptoDNA ™ will continue to become smarter over time, learning more about its owner with any use of CryptoBnB platforms by tracking user preferences. CryptoDNA ™ will have a digital identity based blockchain trust rank first and wallet.

The limitations of the system CryptoBnB
The market today is aware of the significant challenges, the high costs of up to 25 percent of the transactions, the inefficient search engines, transaction fraud and deception of the property, and reviews. Many of these problems inherent in centralized systems, most notably the higher costs that tend to serve the owner of the platform while the user platform suffered a lower ROI. It makes a scale disproportionate to a sustainable economy.

The Purpose Of The Idea CryptoBnB
The purpose of CryptoBnB is the main idea of balancing between the two sides of the market so that all users can benefit. CryptoBnB will complete the transaction fraud with strong technology and process. CryptoBnB will use CryptoDNA ™ Protocol, which will be the first to incorporate the “three powers”:
contract blockchain and smart.
artificial intelligence.
large data.

It will produce intelligent hospitality service market which benefit property owners and travelers by providing more accurate match between travellers and property.

This platform aims to improve ROI for hosts and service providers through an enhanced matchmaking to the right travellers who are looking for a particular property or service. This platform will be powered by CryptoDNA ™, a patent-pending technology that aims to address the following:
The identity of the user to resolve false claims.
The system of voting and rating-based trust to allow users to know the ranking of their peers.
Smart wallet self-learning that captures user preference.
0 percent Commission.
Smart contracts P2P and without the middleman.
P2P marketing is using the logic of the AI.
Overcoming the limitations of the network of micro transactions at blockchain and use the IPFS (InterPlanetary system files) to resolve it.
CryptoBnB team had been planning a roadmap for building the technology, by relying on some of the tools and technologies that are on the market, and will deliver the platform in the last working stage in 14-16 months. For technology development, ICO (Initial Coin Offering) planned to finance the needs of development and marketing.

Description Of Market CryptoBnB
Short term home rental market currently is one of the most interesting segment in the sector of real estate and property management. Aggressively changing the market share, of the hospitality industry that there are up to individual property owners, with the sector gaining acceptance more each year by hosts and travelers. According to HomeAway, an online marketplace for vacation rental, list has risen 44 percent since 2009.

(McAlone 2015) The growth rate and quick market acceptance against this concept of making improvements on the route-tomarket very attractive with a very big success potential.

The existing market SWOT analysis
Evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of the platform of existing short term rental can provide great insight about how the right system should look. CryptoBnB using SWOT analysis to analyze the short-term rental market and guide the development of the CryptoBnB platform.
The strength of the
The weakness of the
The threat of

CryptoDNA ™
CryptoBnB platform will be supported by CryptoDNA ™. The team will develop new protocols, which will display all the technological innovations that will be shown in the CryptoBnB. This platform will address the following issues:
The identity of the user to resolve false claims.
The system of voting and rating-based trust to allow users to know the ranking of their peers.
Address the limitations of the network of micro transactions at blockchain and use the IPFS to resolve it.
Smart wallet self-learning that captures user preference.
As a smart Protocol, CryptoDNA ™ can be used at later stages on other platforms for different applications as well, such as:
User Identity Issues.
A trust-based system and assessment.
Smart Access Blocks (SAB) and IPFS.
Wallet Self-learning AI using the Data and the Data is Big.
Wallet will differentiate the user experience with many of the following ways:
Traveller: CryptoDNA ™ will take note of the identity, preferences, history, ratings, and token balance traveler.
Host: CryptoDNA ™ will record the identity of the host, the permissions property, property details, preferences, history, assessment of target, and the balance of the token.
Service provider (SP): CryptoDNA ™ will record the identity of the SP, business license information, details of services, preferences of the target (host/traveler), history, assessment, and the balance of the token.

Token Specifications
A total of 1 billion Ckey CKey Token:
1 CKey = $0.08
Bonus Token on Sched published
HardCap: $15.2 million
The minimum Cap: $5 million
Minimum purchase: $75 (0.1 ETH)
CKey Token: ERC20
Wallet participants must be compatible with the ETH, ERC20
Shipping Token and a list of
Participants will register at (no site or other mechanism being promoted).
After filling out the form KYC, CryptoBnB team will review all applicants. The team will share
approval or rejection by the wallet address ETH.
After the transfer of the ETH is successful, the notification will be sent to the applicant.
Evidence that is allocated will be transferred to the applicant’s wallet is no more than one week.
The token will be listed on the main exchange within one to two months from the date of delivery of the token.


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