CryptoBnB: Your Favourite place to stay are on this platform

It is truly and well said that there is no place like “Home”. Nowadays, choosing the rental services that fulfill your needs and criteria are very important. However, due to the lack of options, it becomes a difficult choice to get the desirable and suitable fit. Comes to the rescue CryptoBnB which is a marketplace built to take care of the future as well as the next generation to get the lesson for a short duration of time and as per one’s convenience.


CryptoBnB’s main goal is to provide a better experience of rental services. The three pillars behind CryptoBnB’s great success are Blockchain Technology, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence. This service helps in finding users as well as to increase search results.

In this way, users can get a rental that matches their expectation level.

  • There is no judgment judgment
  • Property ratings are verified and completely trustworthy.
  • Advanced search experience picks up better options.

The basic strategy CryptoBnB hopes is: Landlords can receive all types of emergency crypto for various orders, allowing guests to get their preferred rental service depending on the Artificial Intelligence and Learning Machine.

The Current Problem

The main motive behind the creation of CryptoBnB is to wipe off the issues related to the least rental problems happening currently. The major sufferings coming from today’s platforms happen mostly because of centralization. This has brought down another set of inefficiencies which are:

  • Now there’s an urgency to organize escrow activity manually.
  • Due to escrow activity, there has been a lot of illegal exposure.
  • Transactions turn out to be expensive and very expensive.
  • There is often a lack of transparency that lowers trust.
  • High cost and overhead due to more work.

The solution

CryptoBnB will initially take a step forward to build a smart platform and understand the segments with caution. With the help of different tools, the market will grow more transparent and user friendly.

cryptobnb 1.png

The set of solutions CryptoBnB brings to the fore are:

  • Blockchain
  • Large data
  • Artificial intelligence
  • File System (PFS)

cryptobnb 2.png

The Token Sale

Participants are free to be a part of the token sale and show their contribution. The participants of CryptoBnB will be given CBNB tokens that are surely going to benefit the users in the long as well as short-term.

The total tokens that will be used in the sale amount to 1 Billion CBnB. The value of 1 CBnB token corresponds to 3000 CBnB. The minimum capping of the token sale is 15,000 ETH.

Token allocation is as follows:

60% – Sales Token
15% – Founder
12.5% – Reserve
5% – Tim
2.5% – Bounties
2.5% – Bonus
2.5 – Advisor

The final verdict

One of the major drawbacks in rental services comes because of short term rental services. It is very important to remove the problem and for the same CryptoBnB do as necessary. CryptoBnB must have turned your back on you.



While many like to visit in groups others are likely to have experienced the family holidays. In a way, life is also a journey and we are eternal travellers. The only destination is death, which we all have to experience. A major focal point is a place of stay when we are travelling. As a consumer, we always like to find affordable and good hotels.

We can all be the next satisfied travellers by supporting them in their ICO. The short-term rental business is growing at fast scale given the digitization of the services. It occupied 10% of the total share in the global hotel industry. We cannot ignore the rise in the demand of the people, which are quality service and affordable pricing structure.

CryptoBnB has an in-house model and will launch mobile as well as a desktop platform to bring its transparent solutions to the travelers. The concept of travelling and staying will be changed forever with the introduction of the platform. I think we are ready to pack our bags for next destination.

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