The Blockchain technology provides us with completely new tools to encourage users to make payments and increase their overall involvement and activity. Instead of becoming obsolete and every year worse working methods using discounts and bonuses, we introduce a non-linear system of distributing a small number of platform tokens to users. Given the set of various parameters of activity, such as the registration date, frequency of calls, number of payments, frequency of payments and many others – we developed and implemented a unique personal incentive algorithm for users. This entails a significant increase in statistical financial indicators. Part of the profit of the platform will be directed to these purposes, which will not require additional emission of tokens and an increase in their total number. All currently existing webcams platforms are rigidly centralized. They are forced to spend substantial sums for the acquisition / lease of servers, their maintenance, payment for the work of administrators. For example, the work of the LiveJasmin platform is provided by more than 100 servers with 1Gb / s duplex unlimited data channels, which requires significant costs. Our platform is based on specially developed master nodes, fully taking into account the specifics and needs of the platform.

What is CryptoCams?
The CryptoCams platform is based on the cryptographic token CC. It is one of the key elements of the financial platform ecosystem. The CC token will be used for exchange transactions with model tokens on the internal exchange, as well as when entering / exiting the fiat and exchanging the model tokens.

How does it works:
purchase model tokens, the user must first buy the SS tokens.
Tokens SS are purchased only on external exchanges where they are traded.
Purchased SS tokens are exchanged for any model tokens on our domestic exchange at the current market rate.

• Easy and quick release of personal token by models
• Market mechanism for determining the cost of services provided by models
• For the first time webcam models will have a capitalization rating, one of the most important components of our platform
• For the first time in webcam platforms, users get a real tool for influencing and interacting with models
• Now models have no dependencies and bindings to specific webcam services

• Projected ARPU growth + 70%
• Formation of the core of regular customers
• Increasing in consumption of goods and services of the platform
• Reducing the outflow and return of expired users
• Attraction of new active users
• Stimulation of the first payment
• Increase in the number of spontaneous purchases

Growth factors:
The growth in the number of models and users of the platform proportionately increases the demand for CC tokens. According to the development plan for CryptoCams, by the end of 2022 the number of active models will exceed 14 thousand, and active users of the service will exceed 7 million users, which will lead to a natural increase in demand for SS tokens.

CryptoCams Financial advantages
In this section of WP we will focus exclusively on the financial advantages that our platform provides to all its participants compared to the classical solutions currently available on the market.
Conceptual, technological and other advantages are described elsewhere in this document.
• up to + 100% of additional income per unit of working time
• Raising funds by models through personal ICO
• Choice of different economic strategies by models (airdrop etc)
• influence the course of your token through various actions and events
• ratings of models by various financial indicators of their work
• rapid withdrawal of tokens in fiat, without hold
• complete financial security – there are no internal penalties, work schedules, etc.

Market analysis:
Advertising platform in each of the countries will be based on the following quantitative and qualitative analytical researches: :
• Collection of basic information about the webcam market in the region
• Market capacity and demand level
• Identification of target market segments
• Study of the influence of external factors
• Analysis of competitors and the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns
• Studying the behavior of the target audience

General information
• Total amount of tokens: 166,700,000
• Tokens for sale: 100,020,000
• Tokens symbol: CC
• Token Type: ERC-20
• Soft cap: $300,000
• Hard cap: $5,000,000
• Cost of one token: 0.00017 ETH
• KYC & Baunty KYC: Нет
• Limits: Нет
• Accepted payments: ETH, BTH, BTC, LTC, BCH, Dash, XMR, ZEC, ETC

Distribution of investments
• 30% Platform development and technical research
• 25% General SEO Marketing
• 20% Complex marketing to attract models and studios
• 15% Marketing activities to attract partners
• 10% Operating expenses of the platform

Road Map
• Q2 2017 Idea andconcept development
• Q4 2017 Creating the platformarchitecture
• Q1 2018 Developing andlaunching MVP
• October 2018 Start Pre-Sale CC
• January 2019 Crowdsale CC
• Q1 2019 Launching betaversion of the platform
• Q1 2019 Listing the token on 2+ exchanges
• Q2 2019 Launch of the partner program
• Q2 2019 Extension of the platform team
• Q2 2019 Launching a marketing campaign


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