CRYPTOCARZ A Car Racing Platform Built On blockchain technology and VR technology


The nature of human desire and behavior is sometimes unpredictable. An act of owning unique and beautiful designs of jewelry or shells from stone age has sentimental value to the human being. Blockchain technology has provided a strong foundational platform for creating digital collectibles. Cryptokitties are a good example of this solution, where human desire has found a way to express itself. Rarepepe and cyberpunks are other examples of the digital collectible created on the blockchain technology. Blockchain technology can be the underlying technology for the development of new game formats and digital assets.

Digital collectible for the gaming industry will provide a new path for the development of a model based on innovation and technology. In car racing segment, Fernando Alonso has launched an e-sports team with the Logitech company. Digital gaming has become an independent industry driving millions of consumers. But, the gamers have very little rights over the ownership of the items they purchase. The game producers can revoke any user rights for the items. The situation of the current gaming industry can be changed with the help of blockchain technology.

Solution offered

CRYPTOCARZ is a multi-player, fully immersive VR enabled racing experience based on the blockchain technology. It is the intersection of multiple technologies designed to provide the best racing experience to the gamers. With the help of VR technology, an immersive and real-world experience is provided to the gamers of the platform. 20 models of cars will be available on the digital wallet of the gamer.

Blending the characteristics of the blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, VR technology and car racing, it is one of the leading platforms of the VR enabled car racing game. Cars on the platform can be bought and sold utilizing the smart contracts. They have created a plan to systematically develop the platform by integrating the technology and user feedback in the coming future. CRYPTOCARZ marketplace will provide a marketplace for the cars. Gamers will be incentivized based on the time spent and games won on the platform. ERC 721 Token is utilized for the purpose of value exchange on the platform.


The gaming industry can be the best route for the development of this sector. E-sport revenue is estimated to reach 1.6 billion dollars and 550 million viewers by 2021. The shared passion for the racing will be the key driving force on the platform for gamers and investors. Blockchain studio is the company behind the platform, which believes that VR technology with the help of blockchain can revolutionize the gaming market.

The worldwide adoption of the cryptocurrency is increasing day by day, and development of an exciting gaming platform will provide a great opportunity for further progress. Digital asset creation on the platform will be easier as the gamers will own the rights, and decide the future of the characters. What do you think about the intersection of three technologies on the platform? Will there be a new racing experience for the players on the platform?

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