In recent years, the cryptocurrency world has experienced such an enormous and explosive growth that existing cryptocurrency exchanges are unable or capable of keeping up with the demand. There are more cryptocurrency traders in the world buying and selling coins than ever before.

This topped with the fact that these same exchanges are masquerading around like they are keeping user funds and data safe and secure. “Thus far in 2018, $760 million in crypto has been stolen from exchanges such as Bitgrail, Coincheck, Bithumb, and countless others. Each day, news turns up of a new way crypto exchanges are being hacked.”


Crypto Circle Exchange is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. The developers claim their matching engine is written in GoLang and will be able to process 10 million transactions per second. Initially, the platform will offer Limit orders, Market orders and Stop-Limit orders with other orders to be introduced later. The envisaged features include the following: affiliate system, professional charts with technical analysis, social media integration/sentiment analysis, AI-based auto trading, leverage trading, marginal trading.

Advanced Security

  1. Passwords aren’t held on (hashes square measure stored). All sensitive user information is AES 256 encrypted before being inserted into the information for safe keeping.
  2. CloudFlare protection is employed to defend against DDoS (Denial of Service) attacks which can occur.
  3. This exchange is that includes the 2FA with Google critic so as to supply a lot of security.
  4. Tokens square measure secured with associate offline multi-signature billfold/vault system for plus protection.
  5. For all Customers residing in any EU member state, the exchange platform is totally GDPR Compliant.


I have a rather ambivalent opinion about Crypto Circle Exchange and all this is connected with one factor. On the one hand, it is an exchange, and they are the engine of the cryptocurrency market today. On the other hand, it is again an exchange, and the competition in this segment is more than off scale.

Is it enough only the comparative speed of transactions? We can forget about the support and functions of trading from the future, as it can be implemented by any existing and large exchange. I am afraid that this question can only be answered by the time and interest in this project on the part of investors.


  • 75% of all 300 million tokens will be sold within the ICO;
  • 15% will remain with the project team;
  • 5% of tokens are allocated as bonus programs and for bounty rewards.

Road map

**4th quarter of 2018 **

  • The demo version of the exchange will be launched;
  • The start of the phase of the Crowd Sale ICO;
  • Will be testing exchange and fix all the bugs;
  • The platform security test will begin.

**1st quarter 2019 **

  • The exchange will enter the beta test stage;
  • Troubleshooting work will continue.

**2nd quarter 2019 **

  • Exchange version 1.0 will be launched;
  • New trading features will be launched;
  • There will be a test of the new voting using tokens.

**3rd quarter 2019 **

  • A mobile app for iOS will be released;
  • Test new features of the exchange continue;
  • New security features will be implemented;
  • New cryptocurrency pairs will be added for trading;
  • A mobile app for Android will be released.

Crypto Circle x is equipped with an excellent technological algorithm capable of high-performance trading with more than 10 million transactions per second, a professional chart with technical analysis, trading signals and much more, in a convenient and responsive interface or in our specially designed mobile application.

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