Cryptocoin Insurance

Cryptocoin Insurance

The first option exchange with the possibility of insuring deposits against falls


Options are financial derivatives that are sold by the option of the buyer option. Contracts with buyers offer rights, but not the obligation to buy (call options) or sell (put options), the underlying asset at the agreed price during the specified period or at a specified time. Prices that are accommodated are called exercise prices. There are many types of options. An option must be made at any time before the option expiration date, while other options can only be made on the expiration date (training date). This exercise tells the right to buy or sell the underlying asset.

Sounds really big and strong! As a result, this project is divided into two components: exchange and compensation options ..

Hedge fund traders and transactions are met on the purchase and sale of stock options

Other customers who don’t choose to know how to buy compensation options for major cryptocurrency enlargement or decline.

Pay customers to deposit compensation for the amount of 0.1 bitcoin in the amount of 3 Bitcoin. If the price drops 15% in 3 days, he is eligible to receive compensation in the amount of the falling deposit – 0.45 Bitcoin. In the case of compensation, the CRYPTOCOIN customer compensation gift that was previously received from compensation. If it is not a compensation claim, the compensation paid by the customer will be the company’s turnover. 
CRYPTOCOIN INDEMNIFICATION sanctions you to ensure price reductions or risk of enlargement for key crypto currencies.
Quandary: There is no solution to ensure that no deposits fall on Bitcoin or Ethereum. Simultaneously, there is an increase in volatility in this market, causing people to maintain a very large number of mazuma in cryptocurrency. On the other hand, large, productive companies are slow on the market (for example, receiving payments in cryptocurrency) for the same reason.

Solution: Exchange will work with 5 cryptocurrency that has a maximum market. As demand and sales increase, we will integrate more cryptocurrency. CRYPTOCOIN INDEMNIFICATION sells Bitcoin or Ethereum enlargement and compensation claims. So that hinders danger. There is no competition in the market, which gives important margin sanctions of 20%. CRYPTOCOIN INDEMNIFICATION controls and sells / buys its own risk as an option in its own exchange. 
CRYPTOCOIN INDEMNIFICATION launched the world’s first cryptocurrency Quertary 
: There is no special cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy / sell options. The main uncertainty in emerging such a stock market is an increase in instability. It seems that everyone who deals with options for stocks, oil or wheat is at a very high risk.

Solution: The main trepidation choice in the cryptocurrency market is incrementation in volatility. But is that true?

Consider an example with a special stock market. For example, customers sell options for ZZZ Company components. Today is Saturday, and the market is closed. There was unexpectedly good news and stocks rose 2-10 times on Monday at the opening of the market. Option sellers in turn suffer large and strong losses.

The advantage of the crypto currency market, compared to stocks or commodities, is that it operates 24 hours a day. And for the entire duration of his essay (around 10 years), there is never news that quickly shifts the price of Bitcoin or Ethereum at least 30-50%. In fact, if it’s only a blue chip (coin), the crypto currency market is much safer for option sellers than other markets we know.

Choice of short selling sanctions 


There are still no opportunities in the crypto currency market. No one can sell cryptocurrency in a short time, which is not physically in the account. This reduces the competency of speculators to accelerate price fluctuations in other markets. This in turn causes an increase in instability and the consequences mentioned in the clause. 1 and 2 above.


Without having physical Bitcoin or Ethereum, it is possible to get the option to drop and authentically make an undisclosed sale. This opportunity brought the market to many new traders, investors and speculators, and mazuma hedges, which raised mazuma not only for enlargement but also for the market. 
Why now?

There are about a thousand exchanges and no option exchanges

The rapid enlargement of hedge funds in the crypto market is unsatisfactory due to lack of destruction and the possibility of short sales. 
We have gathered a team of professionals who know all about the options and yare markets to make it happen, not revolutionary, but innovative changes.

Market size  Cryptocurrency market capitalization is hundreds of billions of dollars. Quarterly trading volume is 10-20 billion dollars.

The size of the commodity market and equity options vary from country to country, accounting for 1-5% of the underlying underlying market. Thus, we can calculate the potential volume of the basic cryptocurrency option market at $ 50-250 million per day.

However, the calculation does not take into account that the option actually offers opportunities for short sales that cannot currently be done on the exchange of crypto currencies. This will contribute to an increase in high-performance inventory demand for instruments.

INDEMNIFICATION CRYPTOCOIN monetization  has two main sources of income

Option Exchange 
Profits are raised as trading commissions by each store on the buy or sell option. This is 0.5% per transaction or 1% per circle for each transaction party.

Taking into account the enormous volatility of options and profit opportunities, this commission is not a consequential for market participants. However, these sanctions for the stock exchange to earn high income compared to the exchange of custom crypto currencies due to lack of competition. For future competitors, the amount of the exchange commission can be reduced proportionally.

Company indemnification 
Turnover is generated through the sale of cryptocurrency enlargement / fallback. 
Enlargement potential of tokens CCIN 
CRYPTOCOIN INDEMNIFICATION CRYPTOCOIN INDEMNIFICATION has developed a simple and easy to understand model to increase the value of CCIN tokens. 30% of each commission generated through the exchange of options will be transferred to mazuma liquidity. The following month, CRYPTOCOIN INDEMNIFICATION sent this fund to buy and burn CCIN tokens from the market.

This business model is only accepted for the benefit of our investors. The promise to buy tokens from future profits cannot be transparent. In integration, exchanges or platforms will never be physically profitable. In the case of CRYPTOCOIN ASURANSI tokens, investors realize that every buy / sell option generates cash flow used to buy tokens.

This sanction is for constant changes in market balance and increased demand for CCIN tokens.

If the income is $ 50 million per day, the commissions for both parties are $ 500,000 or $ 15 million per month. Thirty percent of this amount, or $ 5 million, is sent every month to buy CCIN tokens from the market.

CCIN tokens are issued

allocation of tokens
ccin 22.PNG

ccin 2.PNG

crypto roadok.jpg

Team project
crypto teaok.jpg


The following is the information I gave you when investigating CRYPTOCOIN INDEMNIFICATION project information and awareness that is currently being carried out by the project team, if there is an error in explaining this article, do not worry, you can get detailed information as you can verbally directly with the team or via their website link.

For further information and to join CRYPTOCOIN INDEMNIFICATION Gregarious Media, please follow these guidelines:

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