Cryptocurrency swap made very easy


In Atomic wallet, Atomic swaps are much cheaper to buy cryptocurrency, something that creates a nice procedure and takes less time and effort.

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On the Atomic Swap page you can exchange bitcoins in litecoin. At this time, users have every chance of acquiring the interchange of data with BTC, LTC, QTUM cryptocurrency in the wallet. Most nuclear swaps are required to be met. Neatly!

Below, as the operation takes place in the wallet.

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In the wallet area, you will be able to find any and all cryptocurrencies that the wallet supports. Today, the period most TRIST assets existed are listed and have every chance of being implemented in the platform. And in this case, because the period, it is possible to send and retrieve tokens at the same time with the lowest commissions due to any transaction. Departing from Bitcoin Wallet, Special Commission due to the conclusion is 0.0002 Btc. For security purposes, you need to implement a pass from your wallet.


For those who apply Ethereum’s formal wallet and want to diversify their own bag and not to keep all ERC20 tokens in the base of ether only, there is a similar role in order to supplement the token in the Atomic SWAPS wallet and save further tokens. For this purpose, the location of the token contract, the name of the token and decimal quantities should be introduced.

In the area of ​​interchange, you can change the different cryptocurrency that the wallet holds.

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