CRYPTOGLOBAL A New Face of P2P Digital Asset Exchange in The Future

The world of cryptocurrency is something that is full of challenges as well as profitable if you know how to play. But sometimes there are some obstacles in terms of exchanging it with real currency. The complicated and sometimes confusing process is not practical, making it a major obstacle to the development of virtual currency. As an investor we definitely want something simple and not dizzy in investing. This is what CryptoGlobal sees as CryptoGlobal’s momentum to create a platform that makes people more interested in investing in virtual currency because of its ease in converting digital assets to real money or vice versa.
We want the purchases and sales of digital assets to be as simple as possible and as simple as possible. We want people with minimal technical experience to be able to interact with our platform and experience the power and freedom of cryptocurrency.
Our vision is to become the number one peer-to-peer crypto group in the world. Offering a variety of solutions and products focused, from our reliable decentralized P2P exchanges to our next international payment service
Banks that do not have bank accounts, the gateway to global investment in cryptocurrencies: despite the rapid growth of the encrypted currency, there are 2 billion adults worldwide without access to banking services. To invest in cryptocurrencies, an investor must have some type of access to banking, be it a bank account, a credit card or a debit card. We do not need a bank account to use our platform, users can buy and sell using more than 20 payment methods.
We finance doors that did not have bank accounts and open the door: despite the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency, there are 2 billion adults around the world without access to banking services. To invest in cryptocurrencies or digital assets, investors must have some type of access to banking, be it a bank account, a credit card or a debit card. CryptoGlobal Marketplace opens the door to populations that do not have bank accounts and bald populations to buy / sell cryptocurrencies using traditional and alternative payment methods, such as online portfolios, and money transfer agents, among many others. We have integrated more than 20 payment and withdrawal methods to help alleviate this problem.
We have dismantled the exchange at its core: Expiration of cryptocurrencies
the exchanges are too complicated. As a result, we have designed and built a clean, intuitive, responsive and easy-to-use platform. A platform that any investor, of any age and level of education can easily perform.
A true decentralized P2P exchange: we have designed and built a decentralized P2P exchange that works, allowing users to have control of their prices, profit margins and protect investors from market manipulation.
We have simplified the crypto-fiduciary exchange services and the liquidations:
The exchange and / or sale of cryptocurrencies in traditional exchanges can be difficult, inefficient and timely. In addition, users are presented with limited options when they wish to sell their cryptocurrencies to fiat. Therefore, we have integrated more than 40 fiduciary currencies so that users can buy / sell digital assets.
A simple example of how the P2P mechanism works, using a simple seller and buyer model. The green middle line represents the final stage of the transaction.
Image result for cryptoglobal p2p
Token will have the following functions and benefits on the CryptoGlobal platform.
A cheaper and branded way for those who do not have a bank account to buy and invest in an ecosystem of cryptocurrencies. According to ERC20, the transaction fee of the token will be less than $ 0.30 on average.
The token will be used as the main currency for the CryptoGlobal debit cards.
Buyers and sellers can pay the exchange rates using CGX tokens
Users can use CGX tokens to list their Purchase / Sale ads on the platform and pay for them
premium list of rights, which will send your ads to the top of the list.
Users can use tokens to select a new currency to list.
Users can choose to use CGX tokens for new features and modules to add.
Token Distribution & use of Founds
We have no ideas We have something real, a platform that has changed the game. This is our vision for the future.
May 2017 — Idea Born
The idea of ​​CryptoGlobal Marketplace was born.
August 2017 — Development begins
The idea is validated, the equipment is assembled. We begin the validation to encourage this idea.
December 2017 — Full development
The development is complete and we are launching our next generation decentralized P2P exchange.
P2P Exchange
Feb 2018 — Sales Planning Token / Community Development
We began to collect information, resources and associations to effectively and efficiently plan the sale of our tokens to the public.
March — April 2018 Initial and main sales of tokens
We will offer investors the opportunity to invest in a long-term sustainable business for the future, by allowing the purchase of “CGX” tokens.
The tokens will be distributed accordingly and will be listed in level 1 of the global exchange.
May — Distribution of records and exchange record
Sept 2018 — Apple and Android application
Integrate intelligent contract technology on all platforms to streamline transactions and processes.
Nov 2018 — Advertisers / Third Party Partners
We open the door to selected partners to advertise text ads in selected locations on our platform. Opening another income stream.
December 2018 — Crypto — Fiat Debit Card
We developed and launched our crypto-fiat debit card, which allows users to buy without selling their encrypted assets.
January 2019 — Integrate more Cryptos
We started to integrate popular cryptocurrencies and alt0coins, according to our community choice. This will increase our options and trading options for all our users worldwide.
2019 — Global expansion
Our year of expansion in several regions continues as we embark on a journey to accompany more people and join the playing field.
2019 — Subsequent development
Start the development of our Android and Apple application store application. It allows users to exchange digital assets on the fly around the world.
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