Cryptograin: A perfectly Planned Future

Cryptograin is a service provided through the mobile app and web version. for This is possible by accumulating personal savings in fiat and cryptocurrency assets in automatic and semi-automatic mode. Multi-fluid cryptography that will support the use of money, for example: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. This project is ready to be upgraded on a global scale. We have a very professional partner team in finance that is developing projects every day.Cryptograin is a very fast accumulation service, storing and adding funds seems to have never happened before.Cryptograin is a very fast accumulation service, storing and adding funds seems to have never happened before.Cryptograin is a very fast accumulation service, storing and adding funds seems to have never happened before.Cryptograin is a very fast accumulation service, storing and adding funds seems to have never happened before.


Collecting wealth takes time and perseverance. And this is not an easy process, because knowledge of the major economic principles is required.

  • Money must make money. Keeping the money in a deposit account in a regular bank will not lead to accumulation, as far as the interest on bank deposits are not able to exceed the rate of inflation.
  • Low salaries, lack of certain economic knowledge, and failure to use financial instruments prevent people from accumulating income.

However, despite all the facts mentioned above, everyone has the opportunity to start saving today with the help of Cryptograin which introduces modern services and technologies to make it possible accumulate.

  • We will try to change your attitude toward money – you will start saving it almost without realizing this fact.
  • We will help overcome the psychological barriers that many people have: “I have no money to save.”

One of Cryptograin’s main tasks is to promote wide-scale recognition and user engagement within the ecosystem of collecting digital assets, by providing high-quality and simple tools for storage.The average user may have little experience in using cryptocurrency and, most likely, do not have easy access to get it.In addition, the average consumer always has concerns about new and innovative technologies, he faces difficulties while using the tools and options available. In the Cryptograin mobile app, users get access to digital wallets that allow accumulated in fiat and crypto currency, make payments, and execute exchange transactions with the help of simple and user-friendly interface.

It is easy to save and earn money


Rounding off transactions when shopping in stores and outlets, and automatically investing the difference into personal account


Rounding off transactions when depositing a card (incoming funds transfer) and automatically invest the difference into personal account


Making a fixed transfer to your account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis


Investing funds when depositing personal account

You can withdraw funds to debit and virtual cards from


Save money in the service, and if necessary – withdraw money all over the world, make free purchases in stores, get money directly to the card.



  1. Bonuses from net profit from transactions of all users in the service
  2. Bonuses from the subscription fee of all users in the service
  3. Profit due to the growth of cryptocurrency rate
  4. Percentage of profit received as interest rates on loans


1. Bonuses from transactions of a user brought to the service

2. Bonuses from subscription fee of a user brought to the service

3. Bonuses from a loan of a user brought to the service

4. Profit from the growth of funds invested into crypto assets


[AUGUST 2017]

Developing the idea of creating the service. Analysing and studying the market. Establishing the project team.

[OCTOBER 2017]

Developing Web and mobile application design, developing the service architecture.


Developing the draft of White Paper, preparing for the ICO. Introducing the blockchain technologies into the economic component of the project.Designing a mobile application and backend part of the service. Resolving the legal issues of the project.

[Q3 2018]

Signing agreements with partners. Developing Smart Contracts. Launching ICO.

[Q4 2018]

Improving the service ecosystem and signing agreements with providering partners. Developing an advertising campaign.Developing the backend of the service. Developing the mobile application.

[Q1 2019]

Launching the beta version of the mobile application and the web version of the service. Conducting an advertising campaign.

[Q2 2019]

Opening the service for all users. Improving the scalability of the project.Rewarding bonuses to token holders and users participating in the loyalty program.


Obtaining the necessary licenses, including those to manage funds and perform brokerage activies, to work with professional investors. Integrating with scoring platforms.



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