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Cryptoknowmics is one of the good and decentralized media portals that are present for every aspect of the crypto world. We aim to become the largest media platform in the crypto space and want to provide all information and services to our users. Real innovation is reflected in our platform content strategy.
We feature news, videos, live broadcasts, events, analysis, market fundamentals, dApps, ICO, STO, IEO, coins, tokens, exchanges, wallets, in-depth market analysis and learning modules and tutorials to help fans and traders gain understanding better about the complex world of crypto and identifying market trends. We integrate information from more than 3000 sources and give our users a complete and detailed overview and market technical analysis. We also help people who are looking for jobs in crypto and employers by registering their names and information on our platform.

We will also feature an open discussion forum where users can voice their opinions and have one-on-one conversations with experts or talk to each other and create smart and harmonious podiums. Global crypto APIs and indexes that contain prices and trends of all the top exchanges around the world will also be integrated into the platform. We will feature an advanced arbitration module that includes more than 200 coins / tokens and 20,000 trading pairs, which will allow crypto traders to hedge and produce easily.

Cryptoknowmicks is proud of our honesty and transparency and strives to maintain consistency. We continue to strive to grow and develop, structurally and technologically. To ensure credibility, we place all our articles and press releases through a comprehensive screening process carried out by our talented editorial staff. We are currently working on implementing Artificial Intelligence to eliminate false news and ensure that our users get the most accurate, accurate and diverse information. To stay consistently accurate, we review the market and exchange regularly with a good comb.

ICO launchpad:

Cryptoknowmics ICO Launchpad facilitates the launch of new ICO / STO projects. This allows ICO projects to easily collect their funds at ICO and distribute tokens to buyers in public or private sales in a fast and safe environment. Tokens are listed on the cryptoknowmics exchange immediately after ICO. In addition, launchpad provides many services for projects that plan to hold ICO, STO and IEO. These services include:

Tokenisasi advice on transforming any offer into a blockchain token
Creative support: ICO website / logo design, branding advice
Technical support: Whitepaper review, smart contracts & audits and custom development
Legal support: Overview of terms and conditions and privacy policy
Team support: Finding the right professional for the advisory board
Promotional support: Consultation on digital advertising including social media promotion
PR management & events: Finding PR opportunities such as speeches, participation, and sponsorship.

Blockchain Certificate Tutorials and Courses
This platform will offer tutorials and certificate courses relating to various aspects of blockchain technology and crypto spaces such as blockchain development, crypto trading and so on. Both free and premium tutorials and courses will also be available. Users can make tutorials and certificate courses to be offered on the platform. All courses must be screened for quality by Cryptoknowmics before being published on the platform. This will function similar to other online learning platforms such as or

Token Economics:

Cryptoknowmics aims to raise US $ 6 million in ICOs to finance the full development and implementation of the platform. Token sales are scheduled to begin in July 2019 and will continue until a hard cap is reached.

Token Name: Cryptoknowmics Token Ticker
symbol: CKM
Token type: ERC20
Total supply of tokens: 10 billion
Token price: US $ 0.0024
Hard cap: US $ 6 million

Token Distribution:

Personal Sales / Crowd: 25.00% 2,500,000,000
Bonus reserves: 15.00% 1,500,000,000
Advisors and strategic partners: 10.00% 1,000,000,000
Team reserves: 15.00% 1,500,000,000
Bounties and airdrops: 5.00% 500,000,000
Content contributors / subscribers: 30.00% 3,000,000,000
Total: 100.00% 10,000,000,000

  • 30% of the total supply of tokens is provided to content contributors / subscribers which will be released at 10% (of 30%) every quarter and unused tokens, if any, will be carried over to the next quarter as reserves. If tokens that are brought forward are not used within a certain quarter, then they will be burned. In addition, Cryptoknowmics promises to burn 10% of tokens received as net revenue from the platform on a quarterly basis using smart contracts, subject to a 25% limit of total supply.Road map:

    Jan – Mar 2019
    Cryptoknowmics beta portal

    Apr – June 2019
    CKM mobile application – Android & Apple Android Platform

    Jul – September 2019
    Sales Tokens, Crypto Games via CKM, Forum

    October-Dec 2019
    Blockchain based tokens distribution For writers and end users Start organizing crypto events and conferences, ICO / STO Launchpad, Arbitrage 200 + exchanges \ 10000+ Trading pairs.

    Jan-Mar 2020
    Detection of fake al-based news Based on a special API for end users and companies

    Apr-Jun 2020
    Al-based advertising platform



Ajay Agarwal – Operations
Anui Mittal – Senior Advisor
Prasenjeet Kashyap – Business Development
Alok Agarwal – Marketing
Raghav Agarwal – Oxford Certified Blockchain Strategist
Ahil Agarwal – Public Building
Comfy Manalo – Editor
Prahlad Singh – UI-UX
Suraj Singh – Lead Developer
Nisid Singh – Law and Compliance


Krishnenu Chatterjee – Sales and Business Development
Naveen Kapoor – Business Analyst | Project Manager
Joylin Telagen – IEO STO ICO Consultant
Richard Trummer – Strategy and Investor Relations

For more information, please visit the link below:
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