CryptoLancers – Online Blockchain Based Payment Service

The CryptoLancers platform is a decentralized peer-to-peer freelancing platform and CryptoLancers tokens for online payment services, making it possible to connect between project leaders and service providers by helping people bring innovative projects to life, and employ freelancers to provide related jobs and services. CryptoLancers will solve many problems

For decades, the freelance platform has struggled to find a balance between customer needs and the demands of freelancer developers, while server operators are stuck in the middle.

CryptoLancers makes payment easy and fast to receive and CryptoLancers offers the best service that meets the client’s goals and problems at the lowest cost and best time.

The CryptoLancers ecosystem uses distributed computing to solve the problem of online payment service transactions, which are inherent in existing systems, in a single distributed peer-to-peer platform. Decentralized blockchain technology and smart contracts facilitate customer project payments on trust-agnostic platforms, offer greatly reduced fraud risk and no risk of opposing parties.

Future Features and Projects

We have more in the store for freelance markets than just a loose ecosystem, but for all that is valuable, it’s good to build a good foundation.

Our main goal is to become an international platform and our coins are in the top 10 ICOs on the market. We want to get our name out there so that we can achieve not only technically experienced people but also ordinary people.

After that, we plan to connect our CryptoLancers platform to existing functional services and make it usable by anyone. We have also built our platform to become an easily expanded base for other projects in various fields and throughout the world.

Some of these features can change when we learn how platforms are used in the real world, and some may never succeed from a drawing board. But we are a creative, innovative and experienced group in various fields.

What do clients want?

Because of the diversity of supply requests, clients want the best deals that meet their expectations in terms of quality, price and time of completion. They want help to set expectations that are appropriate for their project.

They also want total satisfaction from the results obtained at the end of the contract or total outflows in the opposite case. The security of their project is one of the important requirements, for this, the follow-up of the work done is a primordial task.

Clients want quality servers and can exchange easily and cheaply throughout the market without having to be hacked. But most importantly, they only want to find everything on one safe platform!

By investing, CryptoLancers allows platform publishers to assign assignments to affected characters. CryptoLancers provides several services on one platform using a fully distributed network and a very secure payment method.

Token Info

  • Token : CLT
  • Platform : Ethereum
  • Type : ERC20

Cryptolancer market analysis tokens at the moment

  • Pre-sale 1 Price : $ 0.200
  • The maximum number of tokens to be sold : 5,000,000 from 100,000,000 (5%)
  • Minimum purchase amount : $ 10,000
  • Pre-sale 2 Price : $ 0.375
  • The maximum number of tokens for sale : 10,000,000 from 100,000,000 (10%)
  • Minimum purchase amount : $ 1,000
  • ICO price : $ + 0.498
  • The maximum number of tokens to be sold : 22,500,000 from 100,000,000 (22.5%)
  • Minimum purchase amount : 0.5 ETH
  • Cryptolancer token total softcap : $ 1,500,000
  • Cryptolancer hardcap total tokens : $ 11,250,000

Token distribution

CryptoLancers will be distributed as widely as possible during the token distribution event at launch. This distribution will consist of maintaining a well calculated amount for the CryptoLancers team, as well as the sale of private and private tokens.

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