Building Community-Oriented Exchange

Criptonity appears as a combination of two words. Crypto and Community. Simple but powerful and meaningful. The aim is to be a change that is respected by the crypto money community. It aims to provide the most comprehensive, safe, transparent and collaborative exchange platform on the market. We want to bring new breath to the crypto world and break the ‘single profit’ policy on most exchanges.

Crypto money exchange is not an easy task. Setting changes that provide tools and full features is even more difficult. At Cryptonity, he knows how to work to meet this demand. However, we believe that existing markets, including markets that have long been on the market, can be developed. There are many ways for this. Excellence is very difficult to achieve, but we try as close as possible.

Criptonity has set goals to create change in the crypto exchange market by offering its users a complete set of ergonomic trading tools and a complete crypto ecosystem system that is safe, transparent and community-based by combining them into platform development. Forklifts, Airdrops, prize campaigns and Masternode features will be supported. Please  download Criptonity Whitepaper  for more details.

A Comprehensive Cryptosystem

  • Users will be given the most ergonomic and high-performance trading tools.
  • Users with our Criptonitas Token (XNY) will be rewarded with the lowest commission on the market.
  • We plan to develop our own Blockchain and decentralized change through programs provided with our community participation.


It’s no secret that decentralized exchange is the best solution for the crypto community. Why is that? Because such exchanges do not have intermediaries and are based on intelligent contracts to ensure all transactions, which in turn give them a big advantage over the type of centralized exchange. The lack of a centralized server. Each user can manage crypto assets as he wishes. All of these qualities include   Cryptonity  . The developers plan to make their own blockade after the completion of successful procedures for the distribution of ICO tokens.
Security is one of the main tasks facing the platform. The developer plans to create the safest system, interact with the most famous experts in the security field. The Cryptonity Platform will provide its user reports twice a year, which will increase their trust and make the ecosystem transparent. If there is a real hacker threat, the developers plan to create an insurance policy that will cover all of the client’s losses from exchange. To implement this, the developers plan to order around 7 million XNY tokens in a cold wallet, whose address will be accessible to everyone.


  1. Maximum security: Two-factor authentication (2FA), e-mail, all kinds of secret questions and anti-phishing code, automatic PDF creation with 2FA QR code and keys, and also FIDO U2F security key.
  2. Deposit and withdrawal of Fiat funds through SEPA and SWIFT.
  3. Market orders, limits and stop-losses.
  4. Assistance in analysis and strategy choices.
  5. POS-wallet and workshop.
  6. Participation in Airdrop and support for some forks.
  7. Users holding in their portfolio, an internal Cryptonity (XNY) token will be able to get the lowest possible commission when trading on the exchange.
Security & Insurance

  • Our users will be presented with the safest trading platform that works with the best security experts on the market and is audited twice a year by independent security companies.
  • In the case of initial crypto exchanges, losses will be given to the fuse to return to our users.

Community Based Tcaret Platform

  • The crypto community will be included in the development of platforms to meet their needs and demands: features to be developed, coins to be registered, and so on.
  • Responsive, low-wage, multi-lingual customer service and a fully transparent policy.
  • Forklifts, Airdrops, award campaigns, and Masternode features.

Criptonitas JETONU

Together with XNY, we will delete our token called Criptonity Token. Cryptonity tokens naturally work on the Ethereum Blockchain. We plan to develop our own Blockchain in the near future and will start working as soon as our Token Sales are finished. The Criptonitas token will be an additional token and the price will be associated with the utility. Our tokens will give the owner a 50% lifetime discount for the Cryptonity Exchange fee. In addition, this will allow the owner to participate in certain features such as voting for the Ayrıca Money Month ın.


General Sales Tokens (ICO) for 60,000,000-10,000,000 airdrop & Bounty programs, Cryptonity core team for 20 million, 3 million for consultants, insurance purposes allocated 7 million coins. This is also allocated 60% for platform and feature development, 20% for marketing and promotional purposes, 10% for administrative and legal processes and 10% for insurance purposes.If you want to join a Sales Token, you must create an account at  . After logging in, you can buy a Token Cryptonity (XNY) through the Dashboard by clicking  tons of  Invest Now  ıyla  or ”  Buy XNY Tokens  ” after the KYC process.

Everyone except US citizens has the right to participate in our Token Sales. Cryptonity Token (XNY) is a standard ERC20 token, so it can be stored in an Ethereum-based wallet. We recommend using MyEtherWallet, Mist or MetaMask. 15 days after the Token sales expire, the Cryptonity Token will be distributed on January 15, 2019. If the minimum target of US $ 500,000 has not been reached, the refund will be issued by a smart contract.

Criptonity Token

  • Acronym Token  : XNY
  • Price  : 0.23 dollars
  • Total Tokens  : 100 Million
  • Platform : Ethereum (ERC20)
  • Softcap  : 500 thousand dollars
  • Hardcap : 20,120,000 dollars
  • Minimum Investment  : 0.05 ETH
  • Payment Methods Received  : BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC


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