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In the world of crypto currencies, Cloud Mining as a service has earned a rather bad reputation and there are very good reasons for that. There are too many scams out there that result in many people really losing money after investing in these services. Of course there are some companies that have gotten the name as serious players in crypto cloud mining games, but their numbers are much smaller compared to others who at some point run away with a lot of their investors’ money.

Basically it is a service that offers you to mine certain crypto currencies for you and you basically rent their mining hardware and get coins that are mined as payments. Usually you pay for the form that has been given the hashrate you want and for the period of time you rent for it, for example, you will rent 10 THS for 1 year for Bitcoin mining. Depending on the terms of service, you may have to pay additional fees for electricity and / or frequent maintenance every day cut from mined coins or you pay them in advance. Some services even advertise a lifetime contract for mining Bitcoin (or other crypto currencies), but there is a catch with this because in their lifetime it means that it will mine to make a profit.

Crypto Market Cloud has advanced products and has been running into Ico, Crypto Directory, Crypto, Blockchain, and our News hosting platform, but now we will use full products, we have built a complete Eco-System, only accept tokens and lists for Security Tokens and own Equity and block the Blockchain Blockptocurrency Exchange itself.

Ten years after QE and other macroeconomic factors, the market changed investment from the public market to the private market. Because both are less publicly available and higher returns are far more than those available to the public at the initial stage of the company. This shows that the EARLY PRIVATE OWNERSHIP OF OWNERSHIP IS BETTER DEMANDS TO INVEST IN ICO. Our ICO security can be a supplier for this real request. Private investors who do not participate due to regulatory concerns, there are ways to invest without this uncertainty. ICOs Security can be a supplier for this real request. Private investors who do not participate in regulatory fears, there will be a step by step way to invest without this uncertainty.



The name of the icon is CMC. Token is the standard Utility ERC 20 token currently built on the Ethereum network, with the ability and compatibility to do all the other standard ERC20 markers.

The total supply is 120 million. The circulating supply is 80 million. Coins 70 million for sale.


Road map:

Hasil gambar untuk cryptomarketcloud bounty

Q1 was an idea for CryptoMarketCloud and Tool Assembly in 2018. Q2-Q3 in Q2 CryptoMarketCloud initiated in Q2-Q3 in CryptoMarketCloud, CryptoMarketCloud in Q3 was implemented and became a successful ico platform, CryptoMarketCloud developed its own Token and team development. Q4 launches its own ICO launch, tool assembly, white paper and website design, Ico launch. In 2019, the CMC token will be listed on Exchange, start and develop its own Blockchain work, complete and deploy its own Blockchain, create smart contracts in its own Blockchain, work on the development of its CryptoCurrency Exchange, list and distribute the last 10 currencies of cryptocens exchange The complete CryptoMarketcloud Eco-System is improved, distributed and fully functional.


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