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The CMA project is supported by a group of specialized agencies with important and many portfolio portfolios. “We are a master with more than ten years of travel in marketing, advertising and marketing and development,” said CEO of Olegs Martinuks in a video statement. “The concept of CryptoMarketAds came to us in 2013, and, seeing that the developing market we have been looking for and in 2016, a new market began to grow to increase the impact of the money industry. Electronics around the world and to have new ideas and applied sciences become part of the blockchain revolution.In addition, the online market is also ambitious to provide individual Internet blockchain for goods and services. This is supposed to be a gamechanger, which will allow markets to become real peer networks with real trust, transparency, decentralization and secured payments. Similar products, especially a decentralized market construction company will allow agencies cryptography creates their own market and a platform to mobilize capital in the ICO market, allowing businesses to overcome their coding efforts.

Crypto Market Ads (CMA), located at, is a new marketplace which solves all problems related to crypto advertising and marketing by connecting crypto market publishers and advertisers under a single platform. Due to free market conditions, publishers will have a healthy competition which will in

In comparison to 2017, ICO advertising and marketing volume has quadrupled in just over a year in 2018. A similar pattern has been followed by advertising and marketing spending volume for crypto projects. Currently, the total market size is at around 5 Billion USD and is expected to grow in the coming years. Experts predict market growth at approximately 54.8 Billion USD by the year 2021.

Based on the high demands of the crypto advertising and marketing industry, it requires a platform to exchange large volumes of advertising and marketing purchase orders. Crypto Market Ads proposes to solve these problems by offering a stable market that can bring advertisers and publishers together on an open and decentralized market platform.


Based on trillions of market value of global marketplaces, CMA welcomes worldwide marketplaces and users who can become a CMA blockchain node by staking CMA coins in the near future. Working together with all nodes of the whole network, CMA will form specialized blockchain only for marketplaces, to ensure a high amount of transactions verification, characterized by globally-distributed, always-on, never powered-off, remote disaster tolerant, secure and infinite scalable capacity.

CMA project helps any marketplace, starting with small local marketplace till big one such as to put their business on CMA blockchain. At the same time, the nodes will get corresponding CMA coins according to its comprehensive contributions to the stable operation of the whole network. CMA incentive point represents the total transactions of the whole network. The total amount of CMA is limited and a part of CMA will be destroyed during the operation process, therefore, it possesses powerful and inherent value growth impetus.

Anyone and anywhere in the world will build their own marketplaces using this easy visual tool – visual decentralized marketplace builder. Starting from work at home moms till big companies. After building their own marketplace, people will fundraise money using CMA coin for the new marketplace marketing and operations – ICO platform for marketplaces.

The CMA marketplace offers the following property and service types

Forum signatures

Social channels

Websites & ICO listings

Email newsletters

Marketing services

Blockchain servicesAdvisers!

How it works for advertisers

1, Choose publisher properties to advertise on, or services needed

2, pload creatives and checkout

3, Wait for publisher approval and discuss details if necessar

4,Follow status of purchased services and wait for completion.


About Details

  • Token created: 10,000,000,000 CMA
  • Tokens issued: 5,000,000,000 CMA
  • Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD
  • Accepted currencies: ETH
  • Pre sale : 15/05/2019
  • Public sale: 12/06/2019

Private sale is LIVE until 4 June !!!
The lowest fee 1 CMA = 0.005 USD! Sign-up here:

IEO on 5–6. June (Top exchange)!!!

Price will be 1 ETH = 22888 CMA!!!!
The official announcement by means of IDAX:

learn more on



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