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Crypto Market Cloud platform is designed as the first platform with autocontrol system, which is designed with the use of block chain technology plus a pioneer in crypto money exchange by providing various front security measures at the highest level.

Crypto Market Cloud already has a crypto, IC, block chain technology and a system that is already in progress with this field. During the next process, Crypto Market Cloud platform is based on the advantages of a mass funding application that can bring together crypto change and investor and entrepreneur to avoid losing your future investments. As a platform operating system, it has built a self-sustaining system that allows intelligent contracts to function flawlessly. Separate social applications are offered together for you.

The Crypto Market Cloud platform offers you all the services you can and doesn’t cause you to make big promises. Hence, the team does not focus on past losses and conducts various analyzes on future investments and secures your investments. The Crypto Market Cloud platform has shifted investment transactions from many traditional areas of investment, such as crypto, to a large extent in terms of the supply rate offered to the public and has allowed large gains to be recognized at an early stage.


Crypto Market Cloud Eco-System as three main objectives

  • To decentralize the provisioning of CMC services, migrating from a global infrastructure operated by a small group of hyperscale service providers to a blockchain-based peer-to-peer infrastructure operated by millions of small individual providers and contributors of CMC resources.
  • To simplify the use of professional CMC services for all levels of web users turning such services into a commodity product that is universally accessible and utilized by the general public.
  • To monetize the new decentralized CMC services ecosystem with a dedicated cryptocurrency governed by a smart contract enabling automated and trusted reconciliation of payments between all peer-to-peer CMC services providers.

The Company has already achieved the first milestone by establishing its simplified provisioning and setup of CMC services that can be easily operated by even the most novice web users.

As a second phase, Crypto Market Cloud Eco-System intends to facilitate the creation of a globally decentralized CMC hosting grid, allowing CMC-based applications to automatically scale across millions of CMC service providers who are in fact individuals contributing small portions of their redundant home/oice computer resources to become a part of the block chain Crypto Market Cloud grid (thus eectively creating the new CMC) and benefiting from continuous Provider income.

The blockchain Ethereum-based Crypto Market Cloud TOKEN is intended to become the standard currency for the emergent decentralized Crypto Market Cloud services ecosystem, governing contribution based prorata payments, clearing and distribution of financial benefits to the new role players of the CMC.

On a naive schematic level, each Crypto Market Cloud TOKEN service is comprised of the following building blocks:

  • Storage
  • Computing/Processing
  • Bandwidth
  • Crypto Market Cloud Applications
  • Payments and billing


Token Allocation


Private sale 0.40$ 01/11/2018 – 22/11/2018 bonus 25%

Pre sale 0.50$ 23/11/2018- 14/12/2018 bonus 10%

ICO 0.60 15/12/2018 – 05/01/2019 bonus 5%



  1. Total supply: 120,000,000
  2. Circulating supply: 80,000,000,
  3. Token for sale: 70,000,000,
  4. Advisors, bounties, airdrops, marketing and advertisement: 10,000,000



2018 Q1: Idea for CryptoMarketCloud and team Assembly

2018 Q2: Development of CryptoMarketCloud begins

2018 Q2-Q3: CryptoMarketCloud Launch

2018 Q3: CryptoMarketCloud becomes a viable and successful ico platform

2018 Q3: CryptoMarketCloud Develops its own Token and team development

2018 Q4: Preparation For own Ico Launch, team assembly, white paper and website design

2018 Q4: Ico Launch

2019 Q1: Ico completion

2019 Q1: CMC token Listing on Exchange’s

2019 Q1: work and developing own Blockchain starts

2019 Q2: Own Blockchain completed and deployed

2019 Q2: creation of smart contracts possible on own Blockchain

2019 Q2: work on developing own CryptoCurrency Exchange starts

2019 Q3-Q4: Cryptocurency Exchange nished and deployed





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