The real problem is, a majority of investors 92% to be almost precise have lost money, the total market cap went from 820 Billion to bellow 200billion, some will say it was fud, others will say bear market and the really savvy once will insist it was a mix of both, and we at Crypto Market Cloud agree with both but also have to ad that, everybody bought into the promises of moons and lambo’s, Promises that companies will disrupt and decentralize this, that and the other!

Project Description:

Crypto Market Cloud has already a developed and working product which is, our Ico, Crypto Directory, Crypto, Blockchain and News hosting platform, but now we are going for a full on product, we are building a full self contained Eco-System, our own Blockchain, our own Cryptocurrency Exchange, which will only accept and focus on token generation and listing for Security and Equity tokens.

Because of a decade of QE and other macro-economic factors, the market is shifting investments from the public markets to private markets. Both because there are less IPOs and because high returns are found more in the early stages of companies rather than when they go public. This means that there is INCREASED DEMAND TO INVEST IN PRIVATE EARLY STAGE COMPANIES SECURITY ICOs. Our Security ICOs can be a supplier for this real demand. Private investors that are not participating due to regulatory fears, will step in once there is a way to invest without this uncertainty. Security ICOs can be a supplier for this real demand. Private investors that are not participating due to regulatory fears, will step in once there is a way to invest without this uncertainty

Token:The name of the token is CMC. Token are currently standard Utility ERC 20 token that have been created on the Ethereum network and have the capability and compatibility to do what every other standard ERC20 token does.

Total supply is 120 million. Circulating supply is 80 million. Token for sale is 70 million.


Whitepaper is available for download in English. As of September 28, 2018 in telegram-1865 followers, facebook-5768, twitter – 2685, linked in- 38, medium -3 and instagram – 1154. There is a YouTube channel called Crypto Market Cloud (535 subscribers).


In Q1 2018 was idea for CryptoMarketCloud and team Assembly. In Q2 began development of CryptoMarketCloud, in Q2-Q3 CryptoMarketCloud launched, in Q3 CryptoMarketCloud became a viable and successful ico platform, CryptoMarketCloud Develops its own Token and team development. In Q4 was preparation for own Ico launch, team assembly, white paper and website design, Ico launch. In 2019 will CMC token Listing on Exchange’s, work and developing own Blockchain starts, own Blockchain completed and deployed, creation of smart contracts possible on own Blockchain, work on developing own CryptoCurrency Exchange starts, cryptocurency exchange finished and deployed, listing of top 10 currencies on our exchange, full CryptoMarketcloud Eco-System developed, deployed and fully functioning.


The team includes 16 people, which of them 1 founder, 1 co-founder and 5 advisors.

NICK NICHOLS is CEO and founder. ICO Expert and Strategic Advisor at ICOBench. TANYA NICHOLS is CFO and co-founder.


Guillaume Micouin is ICO Bench Expert, Blockgeeks Ambassador, IDACB Advisory Board, IMMO High1000, Bitcoin Foundation Member, CEO-ABC.

Quentin Herbrecht is CEO & Co-fondateur, ABC Company, IMMO, Top 100 Expert ICObench, Manager france Golden Currency.

Vladimir Denis is financial investment advisor in cryptocurrencies, general manager, ABC Corporation, ICO advisor, trader, writer.

Jūrgen Kob is FinFluencer, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, ICO-Advisor, Social Media, Digital Finance.

Amit Kumar is blockchain consultant, ICO advisor, events and MEETUPS, angel investor, cryptocurrency, PR strategy Investments.






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