To every merit, there is a corresponding demerit. When the heyday of crypto-currency is skyrocketing, multifarious frauds and fake trade executions step into the crypto arena, engendering high risks, excessive threats and critical consequences for the investors.
Confused, baffled and deterred investors begin began to find the best-secured way to invest through the use of crypto-currency into some tangible valued assets and high-yielding collectibles that would one day yield generate the rewarding outcomes and fruitful upshots,which they once expected.

So I did my research and during which I found the project in which I really put my faith:CRYPTOMOTORS. Below you can read the analysis and decide on your own, do you want to send some pennies to the pot?



CryptoMotors is the first digital car maker that aims to change the way we make and enjoy vehicles. Specially designed crypto vehicles with 100% real ownership are supported by ERC-721 tokens.

The CryptoMotors platform is divided into three main areas: Studio, Garage and Market.
  • Studio
    Studio is a place where vehicles are developed and where users can follow up and sound at various stages of the design process. The most significant difference with typical car design studios is that CryptoMotors believes in an open platform, where the community has a voice in the decision and design process, with a philosophy “This is a place without secrets between content creators and users. “
    Each vehicle is made in response to “short designs” that carry different features: Type, specifications, quantity and price.
  • Garage
    Garage is a place where users can store and interact with their vehicles. Each vehicle buys unique with individual statistics. Once obtained, it appears in the garage, giving the owner full access to it, including the development process. The customization function running here allows users to customize and personalize the vehicle they are getting. The vehicle shown here starts with a photorealistic rendering image and then a 3D model visualized in a browser or with VR.
  • Market
    Users can access resale and order new vehicles here, explore and keep yourself updated to find good buying opportunities or keep abreast of new projects

CryptoMotors feature

Follow up and have a real voice in the car design process. Learn from the automotive industry experts Pro, choose and get complete access to the CryptoMotors design studio.
Become the owner of a unique and rare digital collection. Hold or exchange in our market and profit if the vehicle generates revenue from manufacturing.
Save and interact with your digital vehicle safely in your garage. Continue to develop your CryptoMotors design portfolio and get ready to be the most prominent car collector.
Get ready to join the CryptoMotors racing game and VR experience. Each vehicle has an automotive industry-class 3D model that is ready for use on many platforms and video games.
-Statistical system
Every vehicle is built. This depends on the type (as mentioned under “Studio” and “The Platform”). After the user buys a vehicle, the statistics are generated randomly from the predetermined margin depending on the model, thus creating a unique car.
After the car is purchased, the statistics are no longer hidden, because it is the user’s choice whether to buy from Design Studio or other users. Present a short vehicle cools between races, explained further below.

The vehicle consists of the following statistics:

  • Speed,
  • Acceleration
  • Handling
  • Grip
  • Braking
  • Calm down
  • Generation
    Based on statistics from the car, weighed by their relative importance to the type of race plus the driver’s experience and the small random numbers generated (to keep things interesting) the “Win” number is generated. This number represents how good the car is. The car with the highest “Win” number wins.
    But this feels rather plain, so we decided to call it “Simulation 1”. Any race will have many simulations (for example: 300) and whoever wins most of the simulation is the winner of the race.
    Further to each statistic, the results of racing also depend on “luck factors,” and “driver experience.” Race Track

4 (four) different types of races are possible at the beginning:

  1. Track the race
  2. Off-road racing
  3. Drifting
  4. Drag racing.

This is against the others. In the user experience to decide which vehicle to use for racing.


  • 1Q 2018 – PRE-CryptoMotors Team
    -Team built
    -Initial white paper is complete
    -The Advisory and Investment Team has been prepared
    -Development of a smart contract scheme starts (erc-20 / erc721)
    -Back End development begins
  • 2Q 2018 – MVP DEV / Design Developer
    -Dev version of MVP starts
    -The Car Design Team starts the creation
    -3D is made for 3 selected cars
    -Idea of ​​marketing concepts
    -Brand identity
  • 3Q 2018 – Whitelist / early adopters / UG
    -UG CryptoMotors made
    -Intrinsic MVP test
    -Test design challenges
    -Finalize 3D vehicles
    -Creation of Photorealistic rendering
    -White list revealed (initial user)
    -Enchanting campaign
  • 4Q 2018 – MVP / Design / Beta Race Challenge
    -MVP launched
    -Digital Market Home Operations
    -Studio opens its door with its own CM design.
    -Behind the campaign screen
    -Beta version of racing games
    -Dev racing game
    -First Design Challenge
    -Initial talks for Partnerships with Video Games and VR companies.
  • 1Q 2019 – Full racing game / Dev Customization / 3D – VR
    -Complete racing game is presented
    -3D – VR viewer
    -The car is tested in an external game
    -Workshops for special dev
  • 2Q 2019 – Adaptable Parts / 3D Prints / Academies
    -Workshops for Adjustable Components are presented
    -3D printed cars are offered as Aftermarket solutions
    -CryptoMotors Academy
  • 3Q 2019 – Token CryptoMotors
    -CM Token implementation
    -The development team works on the mobile application
  • 4Q 2019 – Mobile Application Dev – 3D / VR game
    -Mobile application
  • CryptoMotors began designing 3D / VR games

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