What are cryptomotors?

The first digital car maker in the world. We provide access to a community of users to join in making digital vehicles, as well as making, using and trading this. Revenge is to rethink the way we make and enjoy our cars. We believe in delivering the highest quality and industry standard automotive design along with blockchain technology to bring new standards to digital assets that can be used on various platforms and games

The purpose of CryptoMotors

is to have the capacity to enter our autos at various stages and computer games. This can be imagined because of NFT interoperability. Another cool truth is that each car is precisely displayed by specialists who are accustomed to getting a car to realize the reality of a generation. So each car can be printed in 3d and may be made in limited settings



Development and original sound in an automatic configuration process. Benefit from Pro car business specialists, select and get full access to the CryptoMotors structure studio.


Turn into a special meeting owner and not computerized. Hold or trade in our market and use it if the vehicle generates revenue from the assembly.


Spare and work with your sophisticated vehicle safely in your carport. Continue to build your portfolio of CryptoMotors plans and be prepared to become the most visible automatic authority.


Get ready to join the dashing CryptoMotors and VR matches. Each vehicle has an industrial grade 3D car display that is prepared for use in various stages and computer games.

Factual framework

Every vehicle is assembled. This depends on the type (such as those made reference under “Studio” and “The Platform”). After the client buys the vehicle, measurements are produced carelessly from the front line specified on the model, along this line making the car extraordinary.


CEO / Lead 3D modeler @ Landro Bellone

CFO @ Andrew Müller

CTO @ Nahuel Cirocco

Lead Blockchain Developer @ Santiago Carullo

Main Car Designer @ Rodrigo Maldonado

Software developer @ Leonel Cirocco

Game Designer @ Federico Balbo

Graphic designer @ Barbara de mayo

Marketing / graphic designer @ Arne · saxée

Creative designer @ Alejando Conzon

VR Visualization / Artist @ Dimitri Dillmann

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