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Poker is a family of card games that combines gambling,strategy and skills.All poker variants relate to betting as an intrinsic part of the game and determine the winner of each hand on the basis of a combination of player cards,at least some of which remain hidden until the end of the hand.Poker games differ in the number of cards that are dealt,in the number of shared cards or in the community,in the number of cards that are hidden and in the gambling procedures.
In most modern poker games,the first betting round that begins with one or more players takes on some form of forced betting.In standard poker,each player bets on the basis of the ratings they deem worthy compared to other players.This action then goes clockwise,as each player in turn has to match or call the previous maximum bet or fold,lose the amount of the bet until that moment and all further current obligations.Players who match the bet can also raise or increase the bet.The betting interval ends when all players have called the last bet or folded.If all players except one fold in each round, the remaining players collect the pot without being asked to open their hands.If,after the final betting round,more than one player remains in the race,a match will follow in which the hand is revealed and the player takes the pot with the winning hand.
Cryptonia Poker sensation comes together with transparency and cryptocurrency value in the online poker room based on technology blockchain.Players can benefit from the availability of competitive opportunities,discounts and added value offered by our regular business promotion and the potential valuation of their Cryptonia in connection with the strong economic development of poker around the currency,official website
Online poker cryptocurrency software and we have really built and tested it.The founding team has taken the money and the effort to ensure the continuity of the platform and make it very transparent.
The advantages of participating poker players,help-based online poker Blockchain overcome the various problems associated with traditional forms of online poker,as Cryptonia avoids processing delays in processing and other problems.Blockchain technology also helps to generate random numbers,ensuring fair gaming.
PRE-ICO : 10 Apr, 2018 – 30 Apr, 2018
Hard cap : 200,000,000 CPC
Price Token : 1 ETH = 11,000 CPC
ICO : 01 May, 2018 – 01 Jul, 2018
SoftCap : 15,000,000 USD or 275,000,000 CPC
Hard cap : 45,000,000 USD or 550,000,000 CPC
Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 CPC
Price Token
Stage 1 : 1 ETH = 7,000 CPC
Stage 2 : 1 ETH = 5,800 CPC
75% ICO
15% Tournament
5% Exchanges
5% Team/Advisors
My account BTT :;u=2002646

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