Cryptonia Poker ICO–online poker using blockchain technology


Play online poker with cryptocurrency. This blockchain-powered platform lets you play in a fair and secure environment.

What is Cryptonia Poker?

The new project as the name suggests, is providing an online poker platform that is ultimately being powered by the blockchain. Built into it is a digital currency with a number of different advantages and differences to the various other platforms that are out there and offering something pretty similar.

They state that they will seek to offer competitive rakes, various discounts to players, and will constantly seek to promote their business since this will then also drive up the price of the digital token that the company has created.

The platforms approach is to provide absolute transparency at all times as well as use the security of the blockchain to encourage more players to take part. There is also less need to worry about crossing borders and as it uses a digital currency then it does mean that certain laws regarding gambling are not going to apply.

Why Cryptonia Poker?

Cryptonia Poker is an online poker using blocking technology. And it will help you secure your finances, speed up your input and withdrawals. Previously, online poker faced many challenges, such as:

1.Not fully control their means.

2.Hard and long operation to deposit and withdraw funds.

3.Fraud in online poker.

4.Block users and their accounts for unknown reasons.

And the whole set of smaller but significant issues. And the idea of ​​Cryptonia Poker is to solve all these problems and improve the service.

How big is the market?

The total online gambling market is estimated to be worth over $50 billion per year, a large chunk of this is from the Poker market with it being one of the most popular games.
In the last decade or so as online poker has gained popularity it’s seen various issues arise, with many of the popular platforms being accused of rigging the games. The new Cryptonia Poker platform aims to solve many of these issues by running on the blockchain which will provide a more trustworthy environment for users.


You can buy Cryptonia, and play online from anywhere in the world.


Our software ensures that random scrambling generates random numbers.


The anonymity of players and security is maintained by the program.


Cryptonia buyers can receive 15% of total tokens through promotions and events.

The game is fair

The Cryptonia Fairplay system eliminates the fraudulent actions performed on the platform

Cryptonia Poker brings you poker fun with transparency and cryptocurrency values in online poker room based on blockchain technology. Now you can use Cryptonia, your own poker secret code, to play online poker in a flexible way.

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