Hello, all.. If you are interested in joining the CRYPTONITY project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in seeing their vision and mission, as follows:

Building a cryptocurrency exchange is not an easy task. Building an exchange that provides a complete set of tools and features is an even more challenging ambition. At Cryptonity, we are conscious of the time, self-investment, passion and hard work a project like this demands.

But we do believe that the current exchanges, including those who have been in the market for a long time, can be improved in a lot of ways. Perfection is very hard to reach, but we strive to get close to it, as much as we can. Based on our experiences in cryptocurrency as traders and miners who have been active users of current platforms, we do believe that we have the knowledge and the skills needed to build the cryptocurrency exchange you’ve been waiting for.

We also believe that in an exchange project, as for any other business, the customer is the king, and should be treated as a king, or a queen. Our users/customers are the ones who use our tools, trust to keep their money safe, and thus help us build our reputation and credibility in the market. So they deserve to be listened to and to be treated with care.

That philosophy is the very root of our project. Cryptonity is the combination of Crypto and Community. It’s simple but strong and meaningful, as our goal is to be an exchange that is respected by the Cryptocurrency Community.


A comprehensive “Cryptosystem”
Provide our users with the most ergonomic and performant trading tools.

Users who own our Cryptonity Token (XNY) to be granted with the lowest fees in the market.

We plan to develop our own Blockchain and a decentralised exchange with the participation of our community through a rewarded program.

Security & Insurance
Provide our users the most secure trading platform, working with the best security experts in the market, audited twice a year by independent security companies.

First crypto exchange to provide an insurance to refund our users in case of losses.

A Community centric trading platform
Involve the crypto community in the evolution of the platform to meet their needs and requests: features to be developed, coins to be listed, etc.

Responsive multilingual customer service, low fees and fully transparent policy.
“Forks”, “Airdrops”, “Staking Rewards” and “Masternode” features to be implemented.

We will issue our own token, called Cryptonity Token, with the ticker XNY.

Our Cryptonity Token will run natively on the Ethereum Blockchain. We are planning to develop our own Blockchain in the near future and we will start working on it right after our Token Sale is finalised.

Cryptonity Token will be a utility token and its price shall thus be related to its utility. Our token will grant its owners a lifetime discount of 50% on Cryptonity Exchange fees.

It will also enable its owners to take part to specific features such as the vote for the “Coin of the Month”.


Token Symbol XNY
Token Type ERC20
Total Token Supply 100,000,000
Token Price 0.23 $
Minimum Transaction 0.05 ETH
Minimum Goal $ 500,000
Maximum Goal $ 20,120,000
Public Sale 1 Starts Oct 31, 2018
Public Sale 1 End Nov 30, 2018
Public Sale 2 Starts Nov 30, 2018
Public Sale 2 End Dec 14, 2018
Public Sale 3 Starts Dec 14, 2018
Public Sale 3 End Dec 31, 2018

No new tokens will ever be created, All unsold tokens will be destroyed


July 15th 2018 Whitepaper V1.1 finished and distributed to our potential investors
September 3rd 2018 – Cryptonity Token Sale Website released ( – Whitepaper available to public
September / October 2018 Cryptonity Bêta Version and mobile apps released with active trading. Trading pairs to be announced at launch
November 1st 2018 Token Sale starts
December 31st 2018 Token Sale ends
January 15th 2019 – Token distribution – Cryptonity Official Release with Cryptonity Token (XNY) as trading pair


Cryptonity Team

Investors & Advisors

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