Criptonity emerged as a combination of two words. Crypto and Community. Simple but powerful and meaningful. The aim is to be a change that is respected by the community of crypto money. It aims to provide the most comprehensive, secure, transparent and collaborative exchange platform on the market. We want to bring a new breath to the crypto world and break the ‘single profit’ policy on most exchanges.

Exchange of a crypto money is not an easy task. Establishing a change that provides complete tools and features is even more difficult. At Cryptonity, he knows how to work to meet these demands. However, we believe that existing markets, including those that have long existed in the market, can be developed. There are many ways for this. Excellence is very difficult to achieve, but we are trying to get as close as possible.

Criptonity has set the goal of creating a change in the crypto exchange market by offering its users a comprehensive set of ergonomic trading tools and incorporating them into the platform’s development, providing a fully secure, transparent and community-based crypto eco system. Forklifts, Airdrops, reward campaigns and Masternode features will be supported. Please download Criptonity Whitepaper for more details .

Criptonity Main Features

A Comprehensive Cryptosystem

  • Users will be provided with the most ergonomic and performance trading tools.
  • Users with our Criptonity Token (XNY) will be rewarded with the lowest commissions on the market.
  • We are planning to develop our own Blockchain and a decentralized change through a program awarded with the participation of our society.

Security & Insurance

  • Our users will be presented with the safest trading platform that works with the best security experts on the market and audited twice a year by independent security companies.
  • In the event of initial crypto exchange, losses will be provided to a fuse for return to our users.

A Community Based Tcaret Platform

  • The crypto community will be included in the development of the platform to meet its needs and demands: features to be developed, coins to be listed, and so on.
  • Responsive multi-lingual customer service, low wages and completely transparent policy.
  • Forklifts, Airdrops, award campaigns and Masternode features.

Criptonity JETONU

Together with XNY, we will remove our own token called Criptonity Token. Cryptonity Token will naturally work on the Ethereum Blockchain. We plan to develop our own Blockchain in the near future and will start working immediately after our Token Sales are completed. The Criptonity Token will be an auxiliary token and the price will be associated with its utility. Our tokens will give their owners a lifetime discount of 50% on Cryptonity Exchange fees. In addition, it will enable the owners to participate in certain features such as voting for ın Money of the Month Ayrıca.


60 million for Public Token Sales (ICO), 10 million for Airdrop & Bounty programs, 20 million for Cryptonity core teams, 3 million for consultants, 7 million tokens for insurance purposes. It is also allocated 60% for platform and feature development, 20% for marketing and promotional purposes, 10% for administrative and legal proceedings and 10% for insurance purposes.

If you would like to join Token Sales, you will need to create an account at . After logging in, you can purchase Cryptonity Token (XNY) via Dashboard by clicking ton Invest Now ıyla or ” Purchase XNY Tokens) after the KYC process .

Everyone except US citizens has the right to participate in our Token Sales. Cryptonity Token (XNY) is an ERC20 standard token, so it can be stored in Ethereum-based wallets. We recommend using MyEtherWallet, Mist, or MetaMask. 15 days after the end of the sale of Token, the Cryptonity Tokens will be distributed on 15 January 2019. If a minimum target of US $ 500,000 has not been reached, refunds will be issued by smart contract.

Criptonity Token

  • Token Abbreviation : XNY
  • Price : 0.23 Dollars
  • Total Token : 100 Million
  • Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)
  • Softcap : 500 thousand dollars
  • Hardcap : 20,120,000 dollars
  • Minimum Investment : 0.05 ETH
  • Accepted Payment Method : BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC



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