Crypton blockchain is a remarkable platform in the world of cryptocurrency exchange. One of the important goal of this platform is to provide the best and safest exchange for our customers at present day society as well as to merge cryptocurrencies into the traditional financial system. Prior to the introduction of Crypton blockchain, the rate of performing a safe, convenient and comfortable cryptocurrency exchange was very difficult if not impossible to actualise. But since the beginning of Crypton blockchain, there have been a paradigm shift in the working of cryptocurrencies exchange globally. Users of cryptocurrency can easily engage in exchange with the guarantee of safety, convenient and comfort. In Crypton platform, the total amount traded on the exchange for all pairs for the first operation year is 200.000BTC, or $1billion. Also an average fee per circle is 0.2% or $2 million for the first year.

Crypton blockchain grant their customers with the privilege of changing fiat money into cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency into fiat money in his/her account at the internal exchange rate, which will be equivalent to those ones at the last transaction with amounts below ten thousand dollars at any time. Also this platform is at the verge of making cryptocurrency cards. This will give us an opportunity to serve, withdraw or make payments through card in Euro, BitCoin or Ethereum with direct conversion immediately at payment.


Crypton blockchain is a dynamic revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange. This platform is working tirelessly to providing everyone, who has access to the Internet and cryptocurrency markets, with a pivotal chance to easily, quickly, legally and reliably make buy or sell transactions with cryptocurrency, and also transact them for fiat money.

Crypton blockchain main mission is to establish one of the quickest cryptocurrency transactions in the area of both exchange core and user interface performance and to give greater emphasis on direct user support 24/7 globally. CRTX tokens offering process is done in two levels: Pre-IEO and IEO. The total value of tokens sold during the Pre-IEO and IEO levels is 70%. In this platform, CRTX token is great and dynamic part of the Crypton exchange. Holders of the CRTX token has a very good chance to purchase other cryptocurrencies for them, and save or withdraw them or exchange them for fiat money at any given time.

Crypton platform recorded a total amount traded on the exchange of 200,000 BTC, or $1billion for all pairs for the first operation season. The platform also recorded average fee per circle of 0.2% or $2 million for the first season. This platform has created simple and clear bind of the CRTX token to the exchange turn over with infinite growth potential. Crypton blockchain offers 20% of funds of each fee collected to the token growth fund, while the remaining 80% collected in through fees are to be the platform operation and business processes scaling.


1. DDOS AND HACKER ATTACKS ON CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE AND CUSTOMER’S WALLET: In Crypton platform, customers usually suffer from electronic pickpocketing from their accounts all over the globe. When this happened such a customer blame the exchange on a charge of theft while the latter claims it is the customer’s guilty due to his/her violation of the security protocols.

2. THE FIAT AND CRYPTO MONEY INCOMPATIBILITY; PROBLEMS WITH DEPOSIT OR WITHDRAWAL OF FUNDS AND A COST OF SUCH A SOLUTION: This blockchain transaction charges ranges from $3, $5 and $10 for withdrawal of any amount of funds. A customer then has to pay a given fee for the processing for withdrawal of funds to a card, and then for withdrawal of cash from it.

3. OLD TRADING TERMINALS: Old trading terminals, with slow exchange processing waste a lot of time in orders execution and quotes updating, together with the inability to speedy switch between the different cryptocurrency pairs charts-hardship in operation in algorithmic traders and scalpers.

4. DISSATISFACTION WITH SUPPORT SERVICES: Majority of the present cryptocurrency exchanges Carter for their own interest alone, thus neglecting that of the support service.


1. REMOVAL OF DDOS AND HACKER ATTACKS IN CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE AND CUSTOMER’S WALLETS: This platform grants a total and dynamic security systems as well as the safe guiding of customer’s funds on cold wallets and gives a banking arena of protection of currencies, information, and data on trades.

2. RESOLVING OF FIAT AND CRYPTO MONEY INCOMPATIBILITY; PROBLEMS WITH DEPOSIT OR WITHDRAWAL OF FUNDS AND A COST OF SUCH A SOLUTION: This blockchain gives no fees charges for investing of funds into customer’s accounts. Thus each and every customer receives a free debit card on which he or she can dispense funds from his or her account in just a minute.

3. ERADICATING OLD TRADING TERMINALS, WITH SLOW TRANSACTION PROCESSING, DELAY IN ORDERS EXECUTION AND QUOTES UPDATING: This platform brings diverse innovations in order to execute the processing of up to 100,000 transactions per second as a result of technical and trading sectors unity. This is by no means compared to the amount of transactions processed on the present exchange today.

4. SATISFACTION WITH SUPPORT SERVICES: This platform seeks to meet and satisfied the traders interest, as such; the support services should assist them, as a well satisfied customer will always allow earning the exchange itself.


Crypton cryptocurrency exchange is a very remarkable platform, which creates the safest and most convenient cryptocurrency exchange for customers, with subsidized rates all over the globe. Through this platform, users has been able to ascertain satisfaction with support services, eradicating old terminals, with slow transaction processing, delay in orders execution and quotes updating, resolving of fiat and crypto money incompatibility, problems with deposit or withdrawal of funds and a cost of such a solution, as well as removing of DDOS and hacker attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges and customers wallets. Therefore, I urge all lovers of cryptocurrency and the general public to participate in this platform as it has a promising future ahead.





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