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No matter how much the price of the cryptocurrency rate falls, this direction is still very interesting and relevant among a huge mass of people. Every day thousands of users explore the Internet, looking for information about what will happen next, is it worth investing now, when the market is “at the bottom”?! In most cases, such doubts tormented himself every beginner who is not fully versed in the system and its technologies, ignoring the most important details. Cryptocurrencies were, are and will be! Yes, maybe in the future they will not be in such a huge amount, as time and competition will process the market for liquid and illiquid coins, highlighting the most stable and useful in everyday life.

However, until this happens, people in agony often make mistakes. Invest in neither there nor in those projects. Thus losing their, not only potential profits, but also invested funds. Often this is due to the fact that among this huge number of ICO projects existing today, more than 80% are scams, while the rest have a chance not to fulfill their technical obligations due to weak fees, the lack of a strong and professional team or even worse, the lack of skills to bring the started business to the end. And to my great regret, there are many such examples. I myself have repeatedly stepped on this rake and every time it happened, I said “this is the last time I invest in ICO”. And I’m sure that’s the kind of thoughts that’s come to each of you. But, unfortunately, the same thoughts will not solve the problem, it requires action. Moreover, actions that will help to change the whole situation on the market and will be able to direct the direction in the right direction. This is the course we will discuss with you today.

About the project

The project is called – CryptoProfile. The main objective of the project is to try to solve the existing attitude to ICOs projects, while protecting investors from potential scams and non-liquid projects.


For this purpose, the team of founders has developed a win-win algorithm of actions with the help of which a thorough examination of each ICO project will be carried out. Simply put, CryptoProfile positions itself as a platform on which only high-quality and promising ICO projects will be published, while eliminating the fact of fraud and fraud on the part of “low-grade” ICO. Which I think is very necessary these days.

How it works?

For example, the developers of ICO project want to fall into the category of the best in the business to get approval from CryptoProfile. To do this, using a special model, the project will undergo in-depth analysis of such components as:

  • the professionalism of the team;
  • idea and plan of its implementation (marketing and any other advertising company);
  • analysis of the market and audience to whom this project is focused;
  • there will also be a risk assessment for investors;
  • an analysis of the future Economics of the token;
  • viability of the business model and the platform for General use;
  • and the authenticity of smart contracts.

This approach will not only weed out low-quality ICO projects, but also protect future investors from them. After all, every investor wants not only to recoup their investments, but also to multiply them well. As a rule, a good ICO project can increase the investor’s profit at least 7 times.

Design feature

In addition to deep analysis of the team CryptoProfile willing to offer their professional assistance to the ICO projects that the check did not reach the ideal state. As a rule, the help may include marketing support, or any other professional assistance that will bring the idea of the project to a high, holistic level. This service allows you to eliminate minor defects that affect the future development of the analyzed project.



Actually CryptoProfile offers a unique opportunity for us as users and future investors. At the same time protecting us from fraudulent ICO, as well as opening access to high-quality and proven projects, the development of which will not only successfully invest their savings, but also guaranteed to increase them.


For the owners of ICO projects, a large number of advantages are also available, thanks to which they get access, not only to the audience ready to invest in the development of their project, but also to the professional quality help of the CryptoProfile team.

Moreover, people who are engaged in the promotion of ICO projects, such as “bounty hunters” will gain a reliable ecosystem, where they will be able to make a guaranteed profit for their actions and no longer worry about their incentives and their liquidity in the market.

The details of the ICO

As for the promotion of its own marker, it is necessary for the further development and financing of the platform itself. The coin itself has a name – CryptoProfile (CP) and it is developed on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain of the ERC20 standard.


The founders of the project intend to hold several stages of sales, each of which will be available to a certain part of the coins, all of them will be released 753,471,015 units. At the end of sales developers CryptoProfile intend to collect Hard Cap in the amount of $ 30 million. The distribution of coins will depend on the amount collected at the end of the ICO.

The distribution of tokens and funds is as follows:





In fact, the idea and the concept of CryptoProfile is very close and clear to me. Moreover, I am sincerely glad that people are finally striving to take control of the quality of published ICO projects. Since really many of us are pretty tired of the garbage, which is teeming with the Internet. Therefore, the presence of such projects I perceive positively and sincerely hope for their performance.

But as the saying goes: “trust, but check” so that your doubts were completely dispelled, I recommend you personally read the technical documentation of the project, as well as to study the social and media resources CryptoProfile. To do this, I have prepared all the necessary links to your search was fast and as convenient as possible.


Official resources of the project CryptoProfile:


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